United by blood divided by greed


United by blood but divided by greed, a family fortune is threatening to tear the Morulane clan apart.

It is five years since the death of Eveline Morulane, whose passing caused much misery and sadness; it also left behind an estate worth P40 million.

Desperate for his piece of the pie, Kealeboga General Morulane has taken his brother, Cresta Managing Director, Mokwena Morulane to court for allegedly denying him his stake in their late parents’ estate.

The properties include a bar, bottle store, warehouse, shop, house as well as numerous farms.

With the case opened late last year, Mokwena is said to have asked court to allow the family to resolve the issue.

However, speaking to The Voice this week, 44-year-old Kealeboga claimed that though it was agreed that the matter be settled out of court, they hold meetings every Sunday but fail to reach a conclusion.

The youngest of five siblings, Kealoboga is in poor health and walks on crutches, his wife forced to quit her job to take care of him.

I WANT MY MONEY: Kealeboga

Kealoboga, who bears a striking resemblance to his older brother, revealed his failing health means he can no longer work and thus is desperate for his share of the inheritance.

He further accused Mokwena of using his financial muscle to intimidate relatives who are supposed to be helping resolve the matter.

“Our parents were from South Africa and our aunt and uncle sometimes come to Botswana to help bring peace among us but they fail. They are afraid of him because he has money and they worship him!”

Kealoboga further accused his siblings off cashing in on their parents’ estate whilst isolating him.

“Our parents’ property is rented so Mokwena and my other three siblings share rent money among themselves. I have asked them to at least give me a share of P5 million and they are refusing,” he said before adding passionately, “I will not rest until I get what is rightfully mine!”

Kealoboga’s need for money is urgent, his debts are piling up and he has no way to pay them.

“When my mother died in 2015, my sister promised to pay for my monthly water bill. Just recently, Water Utilities Corporation disconnected my water as I am owing P25, 000.”

When reached for a comment, Mokwena explained he requested the case be removed from High Court to avoid it reaching the media.

“It is private and sensitive matter,” he said, adding the process they have to follow is complicated.

The Cresta MD ended the brief interview by saying he felt uncomfortable discussing the issue with the media, as he believes it was disrespectful to their late parents.

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