OPTIMISTIC: Sammy Sithole

A six member crew made up of sacked essential services workers and the Vice President of the Manual Workers Union, Sammy Sithole on Tuesday visited the North East district to encourage striking workers to continue with the strike as ‘victory is near’.

“Today is a day of victory! Our children are fighting the war together with us, in two days school riots forced Minister Venson Moitoi to direct all government schools to shut down. Our next target is to close major hospitals if not all health facilities by this Friday (today).”

Sithole echoed these words throughout the North east district, where government employees were gathered.

“Now that schools are closed, gather those teachers who had remained in schools to join in the struggle. Welcome them as prodigal sons and daughters, we need them here and make it impossible for Mma Venson to re open schools. Intensify your picketing strategies. Target as many essential services workers as possible”, he said.

The crew visited Masunga, Tutume, Dukwi, Sowa Town, Nata and Gweta where they also assured fired essential services that they will be issue will be dealt with accordingly.

“You were not hired over radio or television, this is just a scarecrow. Our leaders are panicking so there are pressing this and that button. Comrades! essential services is the key to our 16 percent, they are the ones who can deliver our demand. Talk to every nurse and doctor you know to join the strike”, he said.

However, Sithole cautioned all strikers not to take the law into their own hands.

“Our sympathizers will do all the work on our behalf. Otherwise should you be violent, the man we are up against will have the power to declare a state of emergency and we would not have achieved our goal.”

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tota monna ke wena how wud you feel if one of ur family members died due to lack of medical attention? ke gore u r ready to risk precious lives for 16% how shameful and immoral!

Lloyrd Joe

Hi,Comrade ga ke itse gore Mongwe wa batsadi ba gago ke eng a sa swele kwa sepatela due to no service situation,legale ka ona le madi o go ba isa 2 private doctors then stop misleading people.


Batswana wee!, tsamayang le yeng ditiro le lese go dirisiwa ke ma rebele to achieve their selfish needs. Mongwe le mongwe wa lona o batlile tiro a le nosi a sena le motshwarakgole. stop allowing your selves from being easy targets of manipulation. this country is ours . it was so yesterday , it is ours today and it will still belong to us tomorrow.


When I think back, I am starting to believe what many people believe. This is not a strike purely about money. As a civil servant myself, I made less money when I joined Botswana civil service, but we always dealt with any grievances at institutional level. There were still worker unions but a public strike was never the first thing on their mind. This one appears to be politically motivated. If it was purely about salaries Festina Bakwena is way more capable to handle it. They had to find a way to frustrate her efforts to try to reach the… Read more »


Tota batswan a ke bone ba ithadileng ka thipa mpeng,2009 was their chance to change governance ,bo moupo ebe ba thuba party,nna ke kopa hela gore ba boele ditirong we will deal with these domkrag moroons ka 2014 now its too late ga gona mosola coz go swa the innocent people,atleast they have seen now gore batswana r not dump as they thought so they r aware gore 2014 they r out wat we have to be aware on hela ke gore we r alert coz now re buletse corruption mongwe le mongwe ke o batlang go tswa ka something… Read more »


Please Batswana ba bantle a re boeleng ditirong. Ba ba re gogang bone ba amogetse madi a bone, mme ga go kgonege gore ba re ngathele sheleng. Union e didimetse ka go re duela fa re kgaolelwa madi. Please a re bueng fela, ga re a PALELWA re santse re nale chanse ya golwela ditshwanelo tsa rona. A re lweng rentse re theogela 2014 ga a kgakala.