Pastor Letty Sebutlana

A cheating pastor involved in a love triangle case before the Taung Customary court has offered P3000 as a bribe to keep his allegedly sleazy sex life from becoming public knowledge.

As details of the affair emerged, the pastor who is the head of the Praise Tabernacle church in Mogoditshane, offered the cash incentive to the only reporter covering the case.

In a desperate attempt to retain his credibility as head of the church, love cheat Pastor Letty Sebutlana offered a cash incentive to keep the story of his infidelity out of this newspaper.

Assuming an ‘impoverished’ journalist could not refuse the P3000 bribe, he made his move without realizing his conversation was being recorded.

The offer followed a court case in which his embattled wife Mpho is suing Kebapetswe Mauco, who is a member of her husband’s flock, for wrecking her marriage.  Sebutlana is the head of the Praise Tabernacle Centre, Mogoditshane, a church he founded in 2009 after leaving the Apostolic Faith Mission.

The 35-year-old pastor first approached this reporter last Wednesday at the Taung customary court minutes after Nyakale Linchwe adjourned the case to the next day.  On a drive to Mochudi he said the case was nothing but a plot by his wife and her family to destroy his good name.

“If this story gets published it will do a lot of damage to my name.  I want you to help me, but not for nothing,” the man of God said.

DISGUSTED: Mpho Sebutlana

To gain time he was then told that there would have to be a consultation with the newspaper’s editor before a decision could be made. It was at that meeting that a plan to record the conversation and expose the bribe was made.

The next day his alleged mistress and himself gave evidence dismissing as lies Mpho’s testimony that she had found her husband at her rival’s house lying on a couch next to used condoms, whilst ogling Mauco who had stripped down to a G-sting. After the proceedings Pastor Sebutlana again offered to drive this reporter to Mochudi, suggesting he waits for him at the Taung bus stop so as not to arouse suspicion.

On the trip to Mochudi he once again implored that we do our best to keep his name clean and protect him from the malicious intents of his wife and in-laws. He promised: “I do not have a lot of money, but will get something soon. I am in the process of selling this car and I can give you something from the proceeds. I am also expecting some money from a cousin,” he said.


An arrangement was made to meet last Saturday when he returned from business in Francistown. The meeting eventually took place on Tuesday when we made contact in the presence of another Voice colleague. He did not want us to talk in a very public place and agreed that we drive to St Joseph’s College and back.

Unaware that the conversation was being recorded, he again repeated his proposal. He offered P3000, pleading that he would have offered as much as P100, 000 if his financial status was not that of a ‘church mouse.’

He claimed he would produce the cash as soon as funds were made available from the imminent sale of his car, adding that by helping him we would be creating a ‘profitable brotherhood.’

“We are people and you never know what may come in the future. One day it might be one of you guys needing help from me,” he said as he dropped us back at the office believing we would call to tell him we had succumbed to the temptation of his offer.

Meanwhile Taung Customary Court President Linchwe is due to deliver his judgment in the case today.

Check out audio clip of the secret recording here:


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Re bata di reporter tse di tshwanang le lona jaana, how can a pastor do this, he is not a true pastor, he is claiming to be when he is not, le mmaakantse.


E santse e bonwa g-string?


The bible says ur sins shall find u out…mmm!


Baruti ba malatsi a ke mathata, lazt yo mongwe o ne a rekesetse koloi ya ngwana wa phutlhego, today Moruti Letty o jele ngwana wa phutlhego, Mmamoruti(mpho)ale teng, pliz GOD help as, Pasterz ar stl in darknezz. Mpho pliz dont worry much u as so Qute u can stl myk it, bata a youngboy yo o itseng go tshwara motho wa mme sentle o ta bona Letty a nna fatshe,,,,,,,,


2 mma-moruti Sbu(Mpho),may the good Lord give you the strength to forgive moruti and the other woman…


pple should learn that the word of god is true n real, in the last days evil shall reign, so many evil things shall continue to increase as the judgement day draws near, ga re a tshwanela go makala ka dilo tse, baruti ba nnete le bana ba modimo ba tla itshwarelela ka mokgoro go fitlhelela Jeso Keresete a tla. well done true reporters who are not after corruption n money !!!


Mo ke metholo. Jesu o gaufi le gotla.


aooo! mfundisi! may God help this nation, satane o kelemile o raela bana ba gago nd o ba hithela ba le so weak, give them strength to stand against all evil plans….


Owaii….ke moruti ka lefitshwana,lesa go tshwenya bana ba phuthego o na le mosadi wa gago pliz tog!!.


true to the word of God.many false prophets shall appear.look at wat tha pastor is doin and he is even offerin bribery,a sin itself.ijakg…stop tarnishin my God’s name,le gale i should start rejoicin for JESUS cumin is near

Go tla siama

ijo ke mathata go tla siama mma moruti, mogadikanyi wa gago jaanong moriri o logile ka eng mo go tshosang batho the banna ba dira dilo o ka go tisetsa metholo e le ruri


Le ne le nna le ba ntsha jaana baruti ba mafitshwana e tle ere motsing bo-Eagle ba tsaya kgato ya go ineela ba bo ba itse kereke le baruti ba nnete. Go a gakgamatsa. As a priest o tshwanetse go be a na le nonofo ya se-modimo go fenya maikutlo a senama. Ba ke ba ba gwebang ka leina la modimo…………!




Baruti ba malatsing a ba itshwaela mo sakeng. Ga se ba ba ka tlogelwang le dinku ya re o bowa wa fitlhela di le mmogo.


fagolang moruti yoo mare the voice le yone ga a ne dikgang ths week


Ke Moruti Madi mabe thts why rona bo 7 re satsene kereke retshaba gone senyediwa ke ba ruti, who can we trust then if Baruti are doing such things, if i can take back, there was this one who died a ja kuku, the other one pregnanted his maid, the story of a sold car now this one wats wrong with you baruti.






moruti madimabe, a ntse a re ke kopa bo mme botlhe ba ba sa nyalwang ko pele


Bribery!!!!!!moruti!!!!A lefatshe le fedile!


We are people and you never know what may come in the future. One day it might be one of you guys needing help from me,” These words alone r revealig what kind of pastor is this man…How dare he says like this? O santse a batla deliverance this guy, he is not yet delivered n is still swimming mo sebeng.


Lebelela the so-called Pastor Letty Sebutlana mo matlhong for half a minute without blinking the truth will be revealed, this is not a true pastor bona matlho a gagwe ekare katse e bona mashi,motho yo nna a mmona a ntse matlhamutlhamu mo godimo ga nyatsi. Banna tlhe le sentse lefa la Morena ke gore motho fa a bona dinyatsi di feletse mo go ba bangwe o claima gore ke bishopo a bo a bula kereke ya bonyatsi, ke dumalana le ba ba kgalang proliferation of churches e ka bo go tlogelwa be initial churches moa ga bo Letty ke di… Read more »


Okay, Granted, the guy doesnt qualify go nna MORUTI, but under the same circumstances which of you guys wouldnt opt for not appearing on some paper for cheating.Its bad to cheat, but then again its even worse to have your kids and their peers see their daddy on papers ka boaka. And the bonus is that the lady herself is beautiful. Maybe, just maybe she is the one yo o offerileng the apple who knows. even Adam couldnt resist.


Moruti…..bribery… pastor still need delivery from the darkness


o moitshwarele mpho go bane ga itse se a se dirang,,o tla latela mosadi o maswemaswe le fa go tweng,,aaagghee mane.


leba kafa banneng
moruti;”le fa dira di ka ntlhoa”
leba ka fa basading
moruti; “ke saaja monono”
there is totally nothing wrong wth dating at your work place.
2 b a pastor u go 2 school graduate thn posted. ba kereke ya ntlha bane ba gana so he opted 4 people who will understand hi preaching.


Let us pray.
Father in heaven,we call upon you to forgive us all our sins and help us repend from our sinful ways. This i pray in the name of the mighty high,AMEN.


God heard your prayer and i trust that all will be well and forgiveness is granted. I was at the International Women’s Day yesterday and mind you the messege was WOMEN ARE THARI YA SECHABA, so women be blessed and God forgive!


Well dis are kind of guys who are not true worshipers bt rada con-men. wa utlwa dipuo tse a aneng a di bua. “hee moneelo ware”, “cousin erile etla mpha bokana”, “koo rekisa koloi”,”nkabe ke go fa P100 000 my acc e rile”, le ene mmega dikgang o ne atla bonna koditshweneng.


jaanong basadi botlhe ba ba mo kerekeng ke ba ga moruti…..

eish..ths issue e utlwisa bohloko waitse..ths y baruti ba peka malatsi a…

Go tla siama

@muamur gadhafi o tshameka ka pelo ya gago waitse ga gona sepe se se utlwisang botlhoko fa ditiragalo tsa polelo e ke leso le golo fela le go go tlogela o ntse o maketse fela……o bakele go utlwisiwa botlhoko ke sengwe le sengwe,,,,


Father plis forgive us, we dont know what we are doing!


I thnk Mpho shud not take ths negative comments seriously coz di tla mo thubela lelwapa. Alrite the guy has made a mistake and who of us has not made a mistake and Mpho pliz look at Letty as husband and not as a pastor and yU have to 4give him because U made a vow. And ths is the tym 4 Mpho to show dat indeed 4giveness exist.


Apparently he has worn the case agaist his wife. Ga ana boammaaruri moruti yoo. O kgonne go direla mosadi wa gagwe boferefere mme e seng modimo. God knows the truth. He is an adulterer. Mauco is a fornicator. He should have told the poor woman that he no longer want her as his wife instead of playing with her feelings like this. He is a liar too.


every human being has got feelings sometimes we turn to forget dat in marriage we can face difficulties da wife refusing to do it with you for no reason i try to understand her for about a month or so thn whn u try to aproach her again samething so dats why most husbands get cought redhanded coz they wil be thirsty for the things even ladies can stil do it with ada men then go bo go twe go nale kwa a e bonang teng sesole.lets try to stick to our vows and respect each other. only the devil… Read more »

tota mmamoruti ga a motona mo go moruti? ke a belaela cz she looks so old though moruti e santse ele le 14…


Learn form the life of David. He was a great man and fell in that state. May the grace of God be with the man of God, and let God heal your life and family. I believe you will see things in another way, that indeed the flesh cannot submit to the law of God and neither can it be. If truly Faith Tabernacle was from above, it will stand and pass through this situation. And to everyone, let us be careful especially in associating ourselves with miracle workers. Lets’ trust Jesus not people. Amen. May God forgive us all… Read more »

@mmahei o a bueile,i dont knw why people ba ntse bare hee moruti o itaya are,gotile practise what i preach not what i do.moruti ke monna fela jaaka banna ba bangwe,o kgatlhilwe ke bontle ja ga keabetswe.lebelela mma moruti she looks so messed responsibility ya rona rele basadi to keep urselves up to date and make our husbands hapi mo lapeng so that they dont astray.people we fall in and out of love.when it comes to the matter of the heart it complicated,sometimes u can not denie the love u feel for the other person,wether o moruti o… Read more »


ijoooo bathong baruti le re bolaisa moruti madimabe-makgarejwana otlhe meet me ka fa morago ga phuthego go na le lebaka le ke batlan go le lebisa…….


ke are Batswana fa o ka isa ko go nyobana ba ka tsaya number one in all nations in the whole world.


keabetswe le ene o montlenyane. o ka ale monati.


mo lato mo godimo ga o mongwe? what kind of a pastor does that first he cheats then bribing the journalist, that is unholy and against his work what does he preach in church?” it ok to sleep around and bribe people.


A mma aruri le tla bokhutong lefatshe,batho ke kopa gore re eme ka dinao re rapelele bo man of God ba malatsi,ba senya baruti ba bangwe maina.This pastors who do this evil things are pastors because they have studied theology they are not called by God,Ke thapelo yame gore Modimo a ame dipelo tsa bone.


ija!dilo tse dingwe kana o kare tsa di filimi.


This is the kind of shephard that the Lord Almighty spoke about in the book of Jeremiah, He said,’woe to you shepherds who destroy and scatter my sheep.

the way the Pastor Letty’s flocks are going to react/respond towards this issue is the same way they will be destroyed, but to you flocks in the book of Phillipians it says imitate what is right cos the good things are from God

anyway we are all human beings and no one is perfect,Pastor humble urself before God, confess and repent. God is mercy He will forgive you.

Lt Gen