• ZCC elders in court following a fight during a sacred ritual ceremony
  • DIS agent would not give evidence though he was there
File picture: ZCC in Botswana

ZION Christian Church (ZCC) ritual ceremony known as Pheto ya Ditaela turned ugly when senior members of the church fought over Taela, a concoction of tea, milk, cooking oil and other substances.
This surfaced this week at Extension II Magistrate Court when Pontsho Simon a member of the church appeared for causing grievous bodily harm to Zaphania Kaiporo.
When giving evidence, Kaiporo told the court that he was left with a fractured hand after attending the ritual ceremony one night of February 2008.
He said when he arrived at the sacred place, a bushy area in Tlokweng where the ritual was being held, he was instructed to go and draw water from a nearby pond with others.
It was during the preparation of the mixture that he asked Simon why he was standing next to the concoction that was on fire.
Kaiporo said he asked the accused because he had not been attending church services and thus was not fi t to prepare the drink.
The accused then felt emotional and warned him to keep quiet.
“Suddenly, he charged at me like a wounded buffalo striking me with a log that he had pulled from the fire. When he attempted to strike me again others intervened and stopped him,” Kaiporo told the court.
His hand was then fractured during the attack.
A witness to the fi ght, Ompatile Bose reiterated that the fi ght started after Kaiporo asked the accused why he was part of the group that was preparing the concoction.
Bose said Simon got angry but Kaiporo asked for forgiveness after realizing that his question had not gone down well with him.
The Directorate of Public Prosecution informed the court that one of the witnesses was a member of Directorate of Intelligence Service (DIS) who was not allowed to give evidence in court due to sensitivity of his job.


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