Undone by a quickie
FINED: Batsholwaemang

#Marriage wrecker ordered to pay P28, 000 or 8 cows

#’I thought her husband was her uncle!’ claims love cheat

“I know the old man as Lebogang’s uncle, not her husband; that is what she told me!”

This was the unsuccessful excuse given by 32-year-old Bakang Batsholwaemang when he appeared before Mogoditshane Customary Court after being caught with another man’s wife.

The Moshupa man was discovered in his lover, 26-year-old Lebogang Tirelo’s matrimonial bed by her angry husband, Moakanyetsi Tirelo, 52, just minutes after the cheating couple had enjoyed a steamy midday sex session.

Despite vehemently proclaiming his innocence, Batsholwaemang was found guilty of marriage wrecking and ordered to pay Moakanyetsi P28, 000 or eight cows.

Recalling the events of Friday 6 January 2017 that led the trio to court, the aggrieved husband revealed he had been out visiting a friend earlier in the day.

When he returned to his home in Mogoditshane’s Mokateng Ward, he found Batsholwaemang unashamedly sitting on his bed.

“I asked him what he was doing in my house and he just told me he had come to see his girlfriend, who happens to be my wife. We exchanged a few sour words and when I realised things were getting heated, I called the neighbours to come and bear witness,” he said heavily.

Undone by a quickie
CAUGHT: Lebogang Tirelo

Moakanyetsi told the dead-silent courtroom that he ordered Batsholwaemang to take off his pants and t-shirt so he could present the clothes in court as evidence of the love affair.

Before the matter was taken to court, Moakanyetsi had sought resolution from elders of the Ward in an attempt to save his marriage and put an end to the affair.

At the hearing, Batsholwaemang had pleaded guilty and agreed to pay his love rival P10, 000 within ten months, even writing a letter to that effect – evidence that was presented in court after Batsholwaemang failed to fulfill the payment.

In his defence, the accused claimed he only met Lebogang on January 31st this year after knocking off from work at Choppies Tsolamosese.

He said they had been chatting in the car park for a while when Lebogang asked him to help her compose a job application letter.

He continued that Lebogang asked for his number and later called him that same night, where they agreed to meet the next day to write the letter.

“The following day Lebogang came to my place and requested I pay for a new hairstyle. I did not give her the money she wanted but instead gave her P15 to buy a drink. She later called me in the evening, inviting me over to her place saying she was alone and her ‘uncle’ was away,” said Batsholwaemang, adding that he was at Lebogang’s house helping her with the letter when Moakanyetsi turned up.

“I thought he was her uncle!” repeated Batsholwaemang desperately.

However, speaking to The Voice outside court after the hearing, Lebogang confirmed she had been seeing the younger man behind her husband’s back for ‘quite some time’ before they were caught.

Looking at the ground as she narrated the day her husband discovered her betrayal, Lebogang said, “He (Batsholwaemang) came in while I was cleaning and my husband was away. He got inside the house and sat on the bed and said he came for a quickie and we should do it quickly as he was on his lunch break and had to return to work soon.

“After our short sex episode, I went outside for a breather and met my husband at the door. I was shocked and confused and ran to the back of the house. When he locked himself in the house with Bakang in it, I feared the worst!”

Lebogang revealed she quickly gathered her strength, went back and tried to get them to open the door as she was afraid they might fight and kill each other.

“I have told my husband the truth and apologised to both our parents,” Lebogang concluded quietly.