It’s been a month now since we started a new semester at the University of Botswana. A lot has changed, new things, new people, the first years and of course the radio station that has been built up right in the University.
Now amongst the many things that I have noticed is an increase in the number of undergraduate  young ladies who have something cooking up in the oven! There is an alarming and concerning number of  students  who are pregnant, not only at UB  but other tertiary schools as well.

I have made a little observation, when we come back from the three months’ vacation that we have during the winter season, that’s when more of  the ladies here show their baby bumps.
I don’t  know guys, maybe the vacation is too long, I mean with no school to attend, no assignments or researches to do, all that’s left for most of  the students is to go out, have fun, party every weekend and do  all the other unproductive things.

I think many of us consume alcohol extensively and end up doing things that we would never do when we are in the right state  of mind. Maybe it’s not even about the three months period, maybe it’s because we are just too ignorant  and we don’t  care…  These are some of  the questions that I ask myself when I see such things and really, I never come up with a satisfying answer because it’s all just too confusing for me.
I fail to make sense of  all of  this, I mean how does one study really hard for their Cambridge exams to make it into University or any other tertiary Institution and then when they get there, they fall pregnant and hence disturb their studies.

Ok, I know sometimes unfortunate  mishaps happen like  when the  condom bursts which may lead to one falling pregnant or contract any STI’s. Do bear in mind that I’m not at all labeling those who are pregnant, and if I’m offending anyone reading this article, then my apologies, it’s just that this is a serious matter that I find disturbing.
I mean, I see my fellow second years pregnant, just after a year of  University and they feel woman enough to have kids. This is sad guys. Now ladies, words of advice, do not let anyone trick  you into having unprotected sex. You think sex is better or enjoyable without protection,  figure out if the consequences of your actions are as enjoyable. Stay safe, be focused and think with your head and not your heart.


  1. mariga ke one mathata my dear.gape people hv this notion ya gore fa kele mo basco i can do watevr cz ke motona yaanong,gone ba bua nnete cz the pregnancy really doesn’t harm their studies that much as compared to when they wer in the preceding stages tsa sgela(senior le junior skul)

  2. Eish!le bona mma ba bahle bo ntombaza ba Varsity dat why re decider hoba rotela mo dikukung…wow!unprotected-sex ka monate!!!

  3. Dignity le bright future ga di sa bereka ne ditsala. Kana fa o tsena mo UB go raya bright future. Why spoil it ne ditsala? Monate ga o fele tlhe ditsala… Wa go ruta ngwana yoo eng? Please ladies, women are the thari ya sechaba. This is very sad and frustrating, disappointing, hurting. Please beautiful ones baakanyetsa ngwana le wena botshelo jo re tlaa go tswelang pelo…..