Unbeatable restaurant

After realising that there was no place for people to have a good hearty meal when they are out and about in Molepolole, Clifford Gaetsewe decided to close the gap by opening a food outlet.

Conveniently located at Kismayo complex, along Gaborone road, Cliffs Restaurant attracts customers from different sides of the village with mouth-watering cuisine, customers say that what the most like about this is restaurant is the fact that it offers waitr food delivery and carryout.

“Our food tastes different because of the unique spices we buy from South Africa. Even the way we prepare our dough for fat cakes and diphaphata is different and this sets us apart from competitors,” said a happy Gasetsewe in an interview with Voice Money.

Cliffs Restaurant sells different kinds of foods such as samp and beans, porridge (bogobe jwa lerotse), bread (madombi) and phalitshi served with different types of relish to suit one’s taste. It also caters for breakfast where beef stew, fat cakes and diphaphatha are always on the menu.

The busy restaurant, which opens daily from 6 am till 7 pm started operating in May last year and currently employs three people who are responsible for cleaning, cooking and selling as well as serving customers.

Unbeatable restaurant

AIMING HIGH: Gaetsewe packing new stock

As the Managing Director, 55-year-old Gaetsewe is also hands on to make sure customers get good service.

“When I started operating this business, we used to throw away a lot of food as we did not know what our customers liked most. But now that we know, we cook the right amount of food to satisfy all our customers,” explained Gaetsewe adding that they mostly sell fat cakes throughout the day

“Our delicious fat cakes are favourites of many around the village, the students buy from us after school, during tea time we have customers from different workplaces and some even request us to include them in the menu when we cater for them whenever they have meetings and workshops,”

The business-minded energetic man also plans to open a butchery in the not so distant future so he can also provide an alternative for meat lovers.