Bmd and BNF clash over council candidate

It is only 30 days before the general elections but that didn’t stop the Botswana National Front (BNF) members from walking out of an intense meeting that was convened to announce the Umbrella for Democratic Change council candidate for Pilane ward this week.

The divisive meeting where the Umbrella project burst at the seams was held on Wednesday, a day before submission of candidates’ names to Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The walk out was a BNF protest against the appointment of a Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) candidate , Kaepaura as the UDC representative in the area over their preferred candidate.

BNF cried foul that in the beginning Gaepalelwe Mooki of BNF had declared interest in contesting for the ward but party leaders refused to hold primary elections only for them to then impose their own chosen person.

“BNF has failed to protect me as their candidate so I have decided to stand as an independent council candidate.


I will be a ‘mokoko wa BNF’ but I will definitely rejoin the party after winning the elections,” a disgruntled Mooki said.

Anderson Maje of BNF said UDC leaders undermined the BNF as they did not consult them when making a decision to choose a BMD candidate to contest for their ward. He said as it stands Mooki is their candidate and they will continue supporting him as an independent candidate.

‘We are surprised that our MP, Gilbert Mangole is not here to tell us this. He knows this issue is a hot potato.

This decision is going to divide us (Lo a re losa.

These differences are giving our opponents an advantage.

Why didn’t we go for primary since both candidates declared their interest? ’ Maje said

He said as members of BNF they have written a letter to a party task force citing reasons why they do not want Kaeparura to be their candidate.

Tumelo Moilwe of BMD however called on his comrades to set aside their differences, unite and accept that it is late to reverse UDC leaders decision for the sake of effecting change.

For his comment Kaeparura said BNF members were just trying to be impossible and that they should respect their leaders’ decision.

“As members of UDC we should unite so that we can win elections and avoid differences that would split votes.” He cautioned.


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