UDC LEADERSHIP: Boko and Saleshando

Like dust rising from the ground as people dance, so is the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) that vows to turn all the unturned stones and victor the 2019 general elections.

This picture was portrayed by the UDC president, Duma Boko, yesterday in Maun during a press conference when he officially welcomed the key role players of the North West District into the Botswana Congress Party.

The three- all from BDP, include, the North West District Council Chairperson, Duncan Enga, the Maun Administration Authority Deputy Chairperson Vepaune Moreti and Benson Diletsa, a former Deputy Chairperson of BDP Youth League who is a political activist and a former civil servant from Tawana Landboard.

He said support facts and figures have grown to a minimum of 20% at a national vote.

He said his party was not dying as people perceive it, but rather it was gaining talented, formidable, intellect and qualitative leaders who are ready to serve and empower people.

He further pointed out that the crisis surrounding Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) was an issue that would fall into place at the right time and further enlightening that lessons were encountered in different ways by different parties. “UDC has never shrunk like people would say. Many have written obituaries of this party but you are yet to see bigger things as we gain momentum. It is boiling and bubbling and we are yet to demonstrate and literally unveil these multitudes of people who include councilors with high profile and just ordinary people from the corners of this country joining the party as it is the only hope left for Batswana”.

He criticized the BDP for its ongoing publicity about being joined by high profile people where as they could not literary show the said people.

When referring to the three who were officially joining the party, Boko emphasized that they were joining just like any other member.

He further pointed out that if they were to compete for any other candidature positions it was open and primary elections were there to sieve the leader from the interested parties.  “Gold and silver we do not have, we only attract new members with what we have; the mission, the vision and the objectives of our party. We do not have money or tenders to attract new members but we survive with our manifesto,” said the UDC president as he accused BDP of buying new members.

Boko further said the Ngamiland district needed strong and fair leadership for development.

He pointed out that the district was rich yet  the community was living in abject poverty, a predicament that he said needs leaders with an urge and a focal point to toil and improve the economy. “UDC is challenged to change this and with these three and the other multitudes yet to be unveiled, I am assured that this district will be revived because for them to have taken this step it has taken courageous decisions indeed”.

Meanwhile the three candidates revealed they had done consultation from the voters to all relevant stakeholders and they were advised that BCP under the UDC was the only hope left.

LATEST CATCH: Enga, Diletsa and Moreti

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