UDC hype dead- Kgang

‘Mogoditshane needs me’

Botswana Democratic Party has been lobbying its members who have shown interest in contesting in Primary elections, (Bulela Ditswe) to agree on a single candidate in a compromise deal.

This has been achieved in many constituencies except Mogoditshane where Kgang Kgang, Tshepang Mabaila, Patrick Masimolole , Tuki Tshiamo and Chester Otisitswe are expected to battle it out for the hearts and minds of the BDP members.

The Voice Staffer, Daniel Chida said down for an interview with Kgang to hear about his hopes and aspirations for the constituency.

Q. You have been in politics for a very long time but you are not known that much, why?

I have been working on the ground and never got that limelight except when I was elected the Kweneng Regional Chairman.

Q. You were also never made a specially elected councilor or Member of Parliament, why?

Really I don’t know.

Q. OK, tell us how you landed in politics?

I was recruited by Daniel Kwelagobe while I was still a student at the then Polytechnic, and whilst there I joined campus politics where we used to debate with Umbrella for Democratic Party Leader, Duma Boko, Themba Joina and many others who went on to be lawyers while I chose to study mechanical engineering.

I was not lost to politics though as I went on to become Secretary General for Botswana Telecommunications Corporation’s Union.

Q. You have been a Barata Party member, what changed?

Most of the people who left to form Botswana Movement for Democracy were my friends and it was hurtful to see them leave.

In our constitution it is clear on who selects the Sub Committees and some of the members were against President Ian Khama being part of the team although there is a provision in the constitution for him to do that.

Q. Why did you stay behind?

I stayed because of principle. We came a long way together contesting for Central Committee positions but after winning they decided to leave.

Since then I decided to align myself with those that follow the constitution, I am fully behind the Vice President, Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Q. You are going to face four of your party members in primary elections, what is your take on that?

That does not intimidate me because I think I am the better candidate.

Q. Why?

Mogoditshane people are disappointed at how things are run in the constituency.

There have been no developments in a long time and I am the person who is capable of delivering on development.

I have been working hard for BDP and with my background as a unionist I have managed to bring the two BDP factions together to have a cordial working relationship.

I have produced councilors and Members of Parliament by working hard behind the scenes. Again I am a resident of Mogoditshane and all issues that affect the area affect me too.

My campaign is doing well and people have shown me support. The other good thing is that our president has not endorsed any of the candidates.

We are all equal before him and that is why we were all vetted in.

I stand a very good chance to win Bulela Ditswe and then I take back the constituency to BDP.

Q. What kind of a leader is needed for your constituency?

We need a leader who has the interest of Mogoditshane community at heart, someone who knows exactly what the area needs.

There are a lot of businesses operating in the area but the community benefits little from that.

Businesses operating within Mogoditshane should be encouraged to build recreational facilities in the area as a way of giving back to the community.

Q. UDC made an impact in the last elections, are you not afraid that they may topple you from government?

The hype that was there is 2014 is no longer there.

Opposition parties used the late Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death to win sympathy voter instead of policies but this time there is nothing for them to use.

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