YET TO BE LAUNCHED: Saleshando with his campaign team

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) candidates in Maun were left disappointed on Saturday evening after their party leadership failed to launch them during the party’s manifesto launch.

Some candidates are said to have requested the leadership to make arrangement to return to Maun to launch them.

“Initially the event was for the manifesto launch, that was the main reason for the event. But we were then told that it was a golden opportunity for us (candidates) to be launched, so we waited through the cold evening hoping to be called to the podium, to stand before multitudes who descended at the stadium to witness the launch,” stated one disappointed council candidate when the event concluded in the evening without any closing remarks.

The party’s head of communications, Moeti Mohwasa confirmed that, “due to time constraints, the candidates were not launched as expected. As you are aware, the programme started late and therefore time caught up with us.”

Mohwasa further stated in the brief interview today that arrangements will be done for a proper launch of the candidates.

UDC was to launch its Parliamentary and council candidates for Maun’s two constituencies, Maun East and West.

The programme, which was scheduled to begin at 14: 00 hours started after 16:00 hours and some of the items in the programme, including solidarity messages, launch of the party’s campaign CD and closing remarks were left out.

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