Two years ago at around this time the first ever Youth Affairs article was published.


Much thanks and appreciation goes to the loyal readers of this paper and of course the readers of this informative and interactive piece. If it wasn’t for your support by reading and commenting on what has been written, the courage and the interest to keep on going for two years would not be there.

I mean what is the use of written and blabbing all year long if people are not interested in what you have to say. And a year ago around this time, the first ever Youth Affairs show on Yarona FM aired, another exciting moment it was I tell you.

A whole lot of gratitude goes to the Yarona FM management for allowing me to open up and get the youth talking on their radio station. I must point out that other radio stations were approached, some were taking too long to respond while some were asking for something that I could not give in exchange for me to have a slot on their radio stations.

This brings me to this very important point: You know a lot of youth right here in Botswana are talented and have a lot of great ideas, however, because of their determination and desperation to make their dreams a reality, most are taken advantage of.

Young girls are especially vulnerable to this unfortunate behavior as we have to deal with a lot of males, I mean even though the issue of gender equality is addressed, a lot of top positions are held by males. One man that I had to deal with wanted sex from me in order for the show to air. I was shocked and annoyed to say the least.

Now guys, you have to know that you are worth more than a one night stand, losing your dignity to succeed is not success at all. If you have a special talent or ability and believe in yourself, no one should take advantage of you because if it is truly your calling, I tell you, you do not need to pay someone in any way for you to express that ability of yours. This is not only in Botswana, it’s a global thing as I also have experienced this beyond borders but like I said boys and girls, nothing is worth your dignity.

Anyhow thank you Yarona FM and of course Carlos Khali Makgato for allowing Youth Affairs to feature on his show and for participating and helping me grow as an intellectual, I’ll forever be grateful to you man.  And of course YaronaFm listeners who call and send texts as comments and the different guests we have had on the show, much thanks and love goes out to all of you. Ke a lebogabatsadi le ditsala.
Just thought this appreciation piece was due to start 2012 on a great note and just like I promised you guys, this year, Youth Affairs will be much more interactive as readers will be widely engaged. Visiting schools and talking to students is also on the list for this year.

If you want me to visit your school, all you have to do is email me on [email protected] or just directly call our Gaborone offices on 3161585

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