Two-year-old dies of suspected poisoning

Deceased’s 3 cousins nearly suffer same fate

A two-year-old girl died of suspected poisoning at Nxaraga village last Sunday – a fate that nearly befell her three cousins, who are all currently recovering at Letsholathebe Hospital.

It appears the four toddlers – all aged two – were left in the care of their 22-year-old aunty at Marula cattle post, after their grandfather, 60, left on his daily errands.

Talking to The Voice in the aftermath of the tragedy, Assistant Superintendent, Borefeletse Papane of Maun Police revealed they were alerted to the incident by a phone call from the panic-stricken old man.

“The grandfather said he received a call from the toddlers’ aunt alleging that all the four youths seemed to have consumed some foreign body and their mouths were foaming and they were puking,” explained Papane.

According to Papane, the grandfather hurried back home, but, because he was on horseback, was only able to take two of the children – the two he deemed most ill – to the nearby clinic on the other side of the Thamalakane River.

“We rushed to the scene and managed to get the other two victims who were left at the cattle post. Unfortunately the other toddler was certified dead upon arrival at Maun General Hospital whilst the other three were admitted at Letsholathebe Hospital,” continued the policeman.

Papane said investigations into the matter were on-going but confirmed that no clues as to the possible cause of the poisoning had been found at the incident scene. The superintendent added that the young aunt left in charge of the babies did not know what they had consumed.

He further revealed that the police were waiting on the results of the post-mortem.

The top cop concluded by warning parents to keep a close eye on their children, especially the young ones who were curious and had a tendency to put things in their mouth without knowing what they are.

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