Time to get to the business at hand- namely writing and sending your work out.

How do you know where you stand as a writer if you don’t venture out there and see how you fare? Submit your work.

Rejection is fun. Not really, but it is part of the job.

1. Writivism Short Story Prize- contest

Closing date – 30th April 2015

Entries must be submitted online. No mark as to the identity of the writer should be made on the story itself.

1. The first prize is worth 400$ and each of the four shortlisted writers who do not win the prize receives a cash prize of 100$.

All the five shortlisted writers travel to Kampala from June 16 to June 22 for The Writivism Festival.

2. Entrants must be unpublished writers, resident in an African country. One is deemed published if they have a book of their own.

3. Entries must be submitted online, by emailing them to [email protected] as attachments (not in the body email), clearly labelled in the subject line: Writivism Competition 2015.

The writer must include in the body of the email, other information such as: country of residence, age, legal name and pen name (where applicable) and telephone contact.

5. Only one entry per writer may be submitted for the Writivism Short Story Prize.

The story must be original and previously unpublished in any form except on the writer’s personal blog.

6. All entries must be in English, and 2,500 – 3,500 words long.

7. Entries should be attached in Microsoft Word or Rich Text formats, with the title of the story as the file name.

The first page of the story should include the name of the story and the number of words.

The entry must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and 1.5 line spacing.

No mention should be made of the identity of the writer in the entry.

For more information go to their website here- http://writivism.com/?page_id=1838

2. Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine- market

Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine welcomes the opportunity to read your fiction.

They currently publish two stories per week online and end each month with their Story Of The Month contest.

The winner receives $25 and publication in their semi-annual print magazine.

They respond to all submissions within five days and provide personal feedback.

Their online magazine had over 30,000 readers last year.

Please send them fiction up to 3,000 words. Details at: www.bartlebysnopes.com.

3. FT/Oppenhiener Fund Emerging Voices Award, Fiction- Contest

This is a new award that covers film making, art, and literature in emerging countries.

Certain countries are participating in each award this year.

It doesn’t say if the categories will alternate over the years though it does say this is the inaugural ward so that sounds as if it will be running for a few years at least.

Africa is participating in the fiction award only this year.

The Fiction Award will be presented to the author of a published work of fiction (novel) in English or published in English translation.

The book must be a minimum of 20,000 words long and be written by a national or passport holder of one of the eligible countries of Africa and the Middle East (seen on their website) over the age of 18.

Self-published works and short story collections will not be accepted for entry.

The works must be published for the first time between 1 January, 2014 and 30 September 2015.

Books may be in print or digital form, or both. Submit your entry online by no later than April 30 2015.

Publishers can enter books (fiction only) on behalf of their authors.

There is no limit to the number of titles that can be entered by a single author.

The winning author will receive an award of $40,000. A long-list will be announced on 5 June, 2015.

This will be followed by the announcement of three finalists on 7 August, who will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in New York on 5 October, 2015 at which the winner will be announced.

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