Crocodile in river

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks in the North West district has issued a statement warning the public to be vigilant as floods have subsided in the rivers leaving behind pools infested with crocodiles and hippos
The statement comes after two children were recently killed by crocodiles in the district.
According to Wildlife Spokesperson, Olerile Orapeleng the two victims who lost their lives are a 16 months old baby and a 12- year -old boy.
The baby was snatched by the animal while sleeping on the river bank  as the mother did laundry.
“The crocodile snatched the baby and quickly vanished into the water leaving the mother shocked. It is  very unfortunate that  we  don’t  offer  counselling to  those affected but we can only advise them to be always alert and stay  away  from river banks and pools of  water,’’said Orapeleng
The 12 -year- old boy on the other hand was attacked and  killed while swimming with his  friends who escaped unhurt.
Part of his body was found and handed to the family for burial.
Apart from the two lost lives, 80 goats and a donkey have also been killed by the vicious animals.
Most of the affected areas are those which have links with Thamalakane and Boteti rivers.
Boteti River passes through Rakops and Kumaga village.
Orapeleng said that some of the crocodiles were the ones that were carried away by the floods from a private owned farm although majority of them have since been returned.

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Return the crocs to the farm before they kill more people. Yoo bonyeng mosadi a lebeletse ngwana a jewa ke selo ke mathata.


nna ha e kake ka lesa ngwanake a jewa ke selo hela e ka mpa sa re ja rohle, o raya go tshamekwa


heish! poor woman!! o bone tsunami


Yone washine ko nokeng ke ya eng e jesa bana ka dikwena jaana?


Aish! thats painful.

kagiso Mivavo Dr Mokento Rabothako

poor woman,jz dnt loos hope.go tla siama……its upon the wildlif departmnt to kip residents lyn besides this two rivers to be well awared bout the dangerous of the damn water,ele ruri Botswana……


“It is very unfortunate that we don’t offer counselling to those affected but we can only advise them to be always alert and stay away from river banks and pools of water,’’said Orapeleng”

Some Organisation should be offering counselling to those affected


“The 12 -year- old boy on the other hand was attacked and killed while swimming with his friends who escaped unhurt.”

Some Organisation should be advising people not to swim or do their laundry on the river bank or allow their children to go unescorted to the river bank and that should be the duty of the Wildlife Department


dz rilli sad…..


Eish!sad story indeed.batlang those crocodiles di ise di je batho ba rona theh bathong..!!!


Mmmh… a horror movie called Lake Placid 2 featuring “Alligators” that threatened to vanish a village side residents…Dnt wory ota mo tsholela monnawe maar you people lea tena, lena le go leka Modimo tumelo, Rara ga lekwe…leavin a child besides river-bank? You’re sick you woman…ohla tsamaya o bolella lefatshe your lifetime horror!!!



Le Bos

i dont blame her, the situation ya water in this didtrict is concerning. if she had water she couldnt have gone to the river.this is really sad, be comforted in the name of Jesus.