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Following the recent views and opinion expressed by Consumer Watchdog columnist in your two previous publications I wish to provide your readers with some insights regarding Tvi express business.
I write in my capacity as a Tvi express member/distributor and I believe it will only be fair to the readers to be provided with substantial point of view as given by someone in the business. At least this should also help the readers have balanced information from two different sources.  I also wish to thank Consumer Watchdog for the work they do; however the notion that Tvi is a so-called ‘Pyramid scheme’ simply because there are no products to sell is not an accurate one given my understanding and experiences with Tvi.
Tvi does not ‘claim’ to give discounts on travel deals but Tvi do give discounts on travel deals to its members and hence good value for your money indeed. As a member I know some members who have since benefited in discounts on a certain trip to Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. These discounts are provided to members as a service and that’s exactly what your P2, 100 once-off subscription earns you upon joining Tvi express.
Products are not always in the form of something you can pick up and hold (tangible). If it were the case, what would you say about the banks and their services, insurance companies or Travel Agencies? Are they not selling services?  What about our own local hotels that sell membership, which entitles an individual similar discounts that Tvi, express gives? Does it make them ‘pyramid schemes’? I doubt.
That Tvi pays out only $500 commission to an individual when the company has made $3,750 actually underscores the fact that Tvi is NOT a pyramid but a sustainable business. On the contrary, many people usually think that Tvi pays out more than they take in.
There is quite a significant number of Batswana who have earned both $500s and $10,000s commissions from Tvi express including the writer of this letter.
And to be frank we are not ‘fools’ but we have worked to market Tvi express and for that reason we are being paid our dues. The commission does not ‘appear miraculously from nowhere’ as the columnist suggests but we work for it.  Further, just like in any other commission-based businesses, Tvi commissions are earned on the basis of individual’s ability to make sales. But better still, with Tvi we earn commissions solely through team effort including through those who have recruited us (up-lines)
Luckson Timela
Email – [email protected]

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Mr. Timela exposes his own prejudice and ignorance regarding TVI Express in this answer. 1) He claims TVI Express offer benefits to its “members” by offering discounts. He clearly does NOT understand that TVI Express’s “travel portal”, where discounts came from, is Travelocity.com. And Travelocity.com cost NOTHING to use. Thus, the membership value is ZERO, yet TVI Express charges you $250 for the membership. 2) Hotels offer membership, but it does NOT require you “to recruit two more people, and teach them to each recruit two more people”. (from TVI Express FAQ) That is sign of a PYRAMID SCHEME. Thus,… Read more »

Further explanation: Mr. Timela used half-truths and logical fallacies to argue TVI Express is legitimate. His reason 1: TVI Express offers “benefits” to members. He did not mention that so-called benefits are worth ZERO. If you pick and choose which facts to present you can “prove” anything, but it would not be real proof. His reason 2: TVI Express is similar to “hotel membership”, which is not pyramid. This logical fallacy is known as “weak analogy”. It is better explained by rewriting the statement: a) TVI Express is like Hotel member “club” b) Hotel member is legal therefore; c) TVI… Read more »


A Pyramid Scheme is a business that does not produce any product or service except to get money in and based on the timing of the inflow of money, pay money out to those who got there first. It is a paramid as it everything points upwards and the top is supported by the bottom. Since no value is created by the company, the money paid out is taken from the bottom poor people and they hope to get to the top as well. If the base stops growing, the paramid colapses. Eventually the the base will stop growing, but… Read more »