TV star on the rise

For close to two years she has graced our screens, presenting the popular ‘Property For You’ programme.

Through the 30 -year- old Masi Sithole’s commentary and camera lenses we have marveled and at times been a little shocked at the personal and individual tastes displayed by homeowners.

“I have come a long way; from the girl that used beautiful to describe all the spaces we visited to developing any eye and indeed appreciation of what makes a great structure.” says Sithole.

The young and vibrant Tv presenter reveals that of the many houses she has visited; she finds that she is not only attracted to the structure but the story behind conceptualization and construction.

“There are instances where a home owner went through a lot to attain their property and as a self made woman I am both intrigued and inspired by the blood and sweat put in acquiring one’s dream home. The exposure has also helped shape my own ideals of a perfect home.”

Masi says she is drawn to more of a vintage look and feel with subdued interior hues that reflect her love for nature.

TV star on the rise
BUBBLY: Masi Sithole

“I love serenity and hence my bedroom is my favorite room at home. It is where I can engage with my thoughts and be one with the Lord.”

Since her early years she has harbored dreams of life in the public arena, specifically television despite her family’s disapproval.

“I love attention and it certainly loves me but when time came to pursue a career, there was no debate, I was expected to follow a more “traditional” route and this was teaching.So I spent time at Molepolole College of Education where I qualified as a teacher. With great laughter she adds; I bet you did not know that. I teach sciences at Nanogang Community Junior Secondary School.”

Although she may be youthful; she has a serious disposition towards life and is able to juggle her responsibilities well.

“I wouldn’t say I am a stern teacher and often when students have challenges they open up to me. This may be because they look up to me and find me relatable. I also had a hand in raising my younger siblings so I feel like a bigger sister and a mother to my students as well.”

Sithole says though teaching is an honest profession, her passion lies with pursuing a career in Public Relations.

TV star on the rise
READING TIME: Masi enjoying The Voice

“ I ma so serious about this that I self sponsored to pursue PR course” Sithole says though she is recognizable and have many acquaintances; being in the public eye attracts all kinds of attention.

“Not all interactions are genuine and few people love you for you, hence I value family and quality time spent “Ko Gae” ko Bokalaka at Moroka Village with my favorite person Mme Jane Thuta Sithole.My grandmother who is truly my mother, as she raised me and my siblings as her own children following the loss of both our parents is truly a phenomenal woman. Although that may be devastating for some, our reality is that we have never felt shortchanged or lacking for anything. “Maybe I am too much of an optimist because of reading books by the likes of Maya Angelou, TD Jakes and widely motivational books that I draw my strength from.”

She is am avid reader and when not working she loses herself in books and does no subscribe to the perceived celebrity lifestyle of endless partying and being everywhere.

“Self preservation is important and I enjoy being in the company of those that can add value in my life.”

“My work has led to great connections and I cherish this. I know that though this industry can be unforgiving, when used right it can build character.”

Although the dating scene is tricky to maneuver, she does hope to one day to meet the right man and have a family of her own.

“ I am keeping busy and being my best self. One cannot hurry love and my ideal partner is one that would be supportive and understanding of the big dreams I have for myself.”

Besides family, Sithole admits to her love and admiration for her great friend multitalented Motswafere, business extradionnare; Thoko Rangaswamy and her idol Gloria Kgosi.

“I would certainly love to be able to one day host them at my dream home and to add to the great company I would extend the invitation to Bishop TD Jakes,” She says

Talking about her love for fashion, Sithole says that although she is not a slave to fashion, looking good is important.

“I am always on the lookout for opportunities and being ready is essential. I also enjoy being different, hence I tend to rework the pieces I wear, so I wear individually expressive pieces. Even for the show, I dress according to my mood. It could be a gown or a suit, but it will certainly look good” She quips.