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FATHER & SON: Luzboy with Reejay

It’s a Sunday afternoon and we are parked next to the News Café at the Village waiting for Losika ‘Luzboy’ Seboni so we can go and have a chat at his home.
Unlike before where you would expect him to be coming from a bar to do away with the bhabhalazi from previous night of drinking and dancing he is actually coming from church. Yes the former socialite and party animal has turned over a new leaf.
Formally dressed and putting on a tie he finally arrives with his Navara and leads the way home where we seat at the veranda to chat the afternoon away.
“Yes I am from church, I know this might come as a surprise to many people who know the kind of a person I was but the old Losika who used to party like there is no tomorrow and always after bling bling is gone. I have given my life to Jehovah and will now spend my days perfecting my relationship with Him.”
Radio personality
Luzboy as he is commonly known entered the public scene almost a decade ago when he joined the then newly established Yarona Fm as an on air personality or DJ as they are normally called though he prefers the former.
He rocked the airwaves and became a household name in the country and still commands a following through his one-hour programme Luzboy’s Old Skool which he co-hosts with famous Daisy Bird and airs every Friday between 2 and 3pm.

RELAXED: Luzboy during interview

“I found fame and money at a young age and started behaving badly.  My life was all about parties, alcohol and showing off. I believed in a high life and lived it but all that is a thing of the past,’’ said 34-year old Losika adding, “I really have been there and done that”.
And after seeing it all in the life of bling and having been in the newspapers and limelight for wrong reasons, Luzboy finally decided to follow in his wife footsteps.
“For years my wife who we have been married for almost 10 years was trying to show me the right path to follow but I never took heed of what she was saying though deep down I knew the change was inevitable.”
Spiritual life
Eventually last year he followed in his wife footsteps, who is a member of the Jehovah’s Witness, to lead his life as prescribed in the Bible.
“I have bible lessons every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and on Thursday I actually do the lessons from home. I have brought Jehovah into my life so he can help me stabilize it and to make sure that I spend my days serving him. I am also now spending quality time with my family something which I never did before he said.
He also paid tribute to his wife who he said without her it would have been impossible to be a changed man.

DADDY'S GIRL: Luzboy playing with Summer and her friend

“She wanted to mould me and put me on the right track the very first day that we met 15 years ago but I guess it was not time yet. Now I have found my new life and I am loving it,’’ said the ever cheerful Luzboy adding that it’s a pity that people will not get to see his beautiful wife in the paper as she is media shy.
Family man
Luzboy is a proud father two children, Summer (6) and Reejay (4) having been married to wife Maria for almost 10 years.
“When I am away from radio and my company (Footprints Advertising) I make sure that I give my family all the attention it deserves. Once in a while I prepare a good meal for my family and I have no doubt that I am now a good husband and father,’’ he said with confidence and a big smile on his face.
And as if to prove his father right Reejay who was asleep in the lounge since he was not feeling well suddenly woke up and went straight to him to seek comfort and assurance that he will be fine soon.

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thats good news. re a go akgola Losika. Modimo a nne le wena, o nne moonatia mo gosing ja legodimo.


Whoa! God is great. It’s good that you have changed by brother. I still remember that I did not accept your wedding’s invite from your cousin and she was really hurt. I just told her that ” tsala yame ke a utlwa but nna ke ya lenyalong la ga Luzboy come on, motho yo o senang botho jaana”. Oh Lord you are so great. I think Luzboy will inspire ba bangwe


Fact-Luzboy is the best thing to ever happen for Radio mo Botswana, He is really good at what he does


Well done and God bless your family.


wow…..! u’r the man,re tla ithuta sengwe le rona bo mmotlana,may God bless u


dats wonderful man.


wonderful news Losika.hopele rona re tla ithuta mo go wena. may GOD bless you.

CZ, Jozi

Another idiot who is claiming to be turning to God after collecting all HIV strains in Botswana and Mafikeng! Sies.


Gud news indeed kep up the spirit. God bless ur family.


Motho wa bo luzboy o chonne ke gone a reng hee wee kereke kereke’.O lebetse a ja madi le mabelete.Gape this boy maitseo a gagwe a bodile nd i hate him


AO CZ JOZI, stop being petty, . Luzzy Boy has taken a huge step on his life. congratulations .


Praise god, good news indeed.God bless you n ur family.Go dira jalo malome forget people’s negativities, remember is nt every1 who can be happy for you. Just trust the lord ur god he will never dissapoint you


that the best step in life Lozy,its good to be serving god….be blessed!!!!!!!!


hw z lyf without booze tota?


waa peka o kgotshe mabelete jaanong o batla go simolola go ja bana ba kereke.le mmone koo o tloga o utlwa gotwe ke moruti.mme le bone ke bao ba swela mo dibackseat on riversides.

Name (required)

o batla gone go swela mo godimo ga motho o mmona a le fa jaana.


CZ,Jozi,Raleragwana jesu AO batho….mme ke dumalana le lona, ga gona motho yoo ka chenchang go sena sengwe se se mo diragaletseng mmmmmmm! ke a belaela….nna nkabo kesa bolo go thala motho.i respect u (mogatsa Losika.)ele ruri o pelotelele.



Kopelo Rib-Addi Seate

E le gore o tenwe ke mang, some people are capable of changing and others are not. Its hard to Uncle Malosa as a changed man.

As scrutinizing and always vigilant as i can take any issues with horns,to me this ai’nt a story to buy with a smile. Such cases i always look at with a paranoid sense in me. Bo-Luzboy ke malaitinyana a GC. Now hear this from the buccal cave of an always controversial figure,this boy o dladile macheri bana ba batho are left with many fine fragments from the broken hearts as a result of these boys rowdy undirectional so called fast lifestyle.Some of them i bet you since they met him or any of his entourage,fa ba gopola go ya Tebelopele… Read more »


You the mayne doesnt matter the reasn y u turned ur lyf 2 Christ ol it matters s U R A NEW CREATION now..nd ol those u’v hurt(as thy say) will 4nd a plac deep in their hearts 2 4give u..

nd y’ol pple u nid Jesus y do u lyk focussin on negativ syd instead of givin promps wer its due…y’ol pathetic bathon A RE CHANGN BBATSWANA BETSHO!!!