Trouble in paradise

• I took my cattle from his farm yes- Khama

The alleged fall out between two close allies, former President Ian Khama and Minister of Tertiary Education, Thapelo Olopeng has heightened with Olopeng confirming differences between the two.

Olopeng spoke to The Voice this week and confirmed that whilst the two will forever remain tied because of their family backgrounds, their bromance has deteriorated.

“Khama and I go way back. My parents passed on knowing Ian ( Khama ) is my brother, his parents especially his mother –Ruth Williams-Khama- knew about our friendship, but for sure yes at the moment we do have differences, which are political more than anything else,” Olopeng confirmed.

“I have approached Khama and asked him to cease fire, but he would not listen. I did go to him and said, “Phuti , Kgosi yame, let it go,” said Olopeng when commenting on the rift between President Mokgweetsi Masisi and Khama.


Tension between the two camps heightened recently when Khama seemingly endorsed a political rival of Olopeng, to which Olopeng responded, “People are trying to use the rift between Masisi and Khama to their advantage. People are calling Khama everyday asking him to endorse them, but this is not right.”

” I am loyal to President Masisi. I am a cabinet minister and I should support him. That is just how I do things and That is how they should be done,”said Olopeng. For his part former President Khama confirmed taking back his cattle that was held at Olopeng’s farm.

But does this prove any bad blood between the two? Khama says not neccesarily!

He responded, “Yes I took back my cattle from his farm. That was the cattle that was given to me when I was going around the country saying goodbye to Batswana. But no there is no bad blood between us.”

Khama further denied evicting Olopeng out of his home in Mosu.

“No that is absolutely false. Olopeng and I are in talking terms,” he said briefly.

In a leaked audio of a conversation between former chief of protocol Daphnie Kadiwa and South African business woman Bridgete Motsepe, Kadiwa can be heard also asserting that Olopeng has deserted Khama.

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