Trophy wife strikes
FIGHT: Police officers with the fighting couple

Cheating claims, Mustang cause couple’s public fight

A public spectacle between Majwe Mining Catering Manager, Mothusi Lentswe, 48, and his trophy wife, Janet, 25, brought business to a standstill at Game City Mall in Gaborone last week.

Voice reporters arrived on the scene when the fiery buxom bombshell, had just launched her attack on the confused husband by grabbing him by the balls.

Shouting at the top of her voice in front of a swelling audience Janet, hurled insults at her visibly embarrassed and humiliated husband, accusing him of cheating and neglecting his duties.

Prancing around in boots and putting up an entertaining show for an attentive audience of curious spectators, the miner’s glamorous young house wife told of how she got married to a man almost twice her age at a tender age of 19 and how her marriage quickly turned into a sham.

“Each time I catch him with a woman, he threatens to leave, he says he wants to divorce me,” she said to The Voice team who were busy snapping away pictures.

She also revealed that her family was aware of the problems in her marriage and were yet to assist.

“I have a lot of faith in my marriage, I always forgive him with the hope that he would change his ways and become the man I fell in love with in the beginning but it hasn’t happened so far,” she said.

Probed further on what could have led her the meltdown,Janet revealed that she followed her husband from Jwaneng to Game City to demand the keys to their red Mustang that had been seen driven around by a strange woman in Gaborone.

“That woman is the one who is wrecking my marriage,” she claimed.

Responding to Janet’s accusations in a telephonic interview, Lentswe said his marriage to Janet had deteriorated to a point of no return and that he had filed for a divorce at the Gaborone High Court.

Explaining last week’s embarrassing ordeal Lentswe said: “She wanted the keys to the new car that I was driving last week and couldn’t ask for them in a polite and civil manner but rather decided to embarrass me in public.”

Lentswe further claimed that contrary to her claims that she was stranded for transport at the time, Janet had left a perfectly good car at home.

The estranged husband further revealed that it had been two months since he last saw his wife after moving out of their matrimonial home to another house still in the mining town of Jwaneng.

Old Naledi Police who rescued Lentswe from his young wife by bundling the couple into the back of a van to take them to the police station advised Janet to use the official route if she wanted anything from her husband in future.

“She lied that I cheated and neglected the family. I take care of all my kids 100 percent, all she wanted were the keys to the Mustang,” he said.

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