Trio answer for Tutume murder

Father and son implicated in gruesome killing

Three Zimbabwean men accused of killing an old woman in Nsuswane Lands near Tutume and Goshwe had to leave the Tutume Primary Hospital through the back door as an angry mob baying for their blood waited at the entrance.

The trio that was arrested on November 15th following the discovery of Dipuo Tshiping (78)’s lifeless body were taken for blood samples at the hospital when Tutume residents got wind of their presence.

The three cattle herders at Matobo village Obvious Nyoni (43), Covent Moyo (26) and Thumb Mpofu (36) appeared before Masunga Magistrate Segametsi Basinyi facing one count of murder each.

According to the Investigating Officer (IO) Detective Gaomodimo Galebale the trio who entered the country at un-gazetted areas were arrested after their shoe prints were found next to the old woman’s corpse.

The Investigating officers pleaded with court for the three to be remanded in custody pending postmortem results.

Sexual assault charges are likely to be added to the charges should scientific evidence prove conclusive.

“This is a serious crime which attracts capital punishment and we are yet to recover the murder weapon. These three are a flight risk as they do not have a permanent residence area and travel documents,” he said.

In a shocking revelation one of the suspects, Nyoni told court that Moyo was his biological son, which made the matter a bit tricky for him. Nyoni however made no attempt to exonerate his son, in fact he seemed to suggest that his son should be held liable for the old woman’s murder.

“I don’t stay with the other two. I woke up to do my piece job and then Rraagwe Lesedi (Lesedi’s father) told me that the boy (Moyo) had killed someone,” he said.

“I want to see the evidence gathered by the police so far because I also want to know who killed the old woman,” Nyoni meekly said.

The son however also distanced himself away from the murder and told court that he was on his way to water the cattle when he learnt about the death of the old woman.

“It is difficult for me to oppose the investigating officer’s plea that we should be remanded because at the end of the day, thats where I’m going,” Moyo said in response to Magistrate’s advise that his questions should challenge the IO’s bail opposition.

The third accused Mpofu told court that he had an epileptic wife in Tutume who needed his care.

“I’m not a flight risk because my wife is in Tutume and she knows where I reside in Zimbabwe,” said the dreadlocked Nyoni.

The investigating Officer however reminded him that he was staying in the country illegally and he had no travel documents.

“Your wife is also committing a crime by harboring an illegal immigrant,” said Gaelebale.

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