Peo aka Miss P from Botswana looks so adorable in this hoody outfit

You love it or loath it, Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality show is back on our TV screens.
For the next three months, twelve African countries’ media and social networks will be filled up with discussions about the housemates, who’ll instantly turn into celebrities.

Sunday May 1, proved that my appreciation of BBA would zing-back in with a vengeance.
And for me it isn’t so much that we have in the house at least three guys that I think are HOT, but because I saw a lot of style, trends and interesting young personalities find their way into this amplified show.
Yep, Fashionista is all about fashion and how other people carry their uniqueness, whether it maybe something I would never be seen dead in, just the mere expression of character through clothes simply gets my fashion ears standing.

There's something really irritating about Kim from Zambia's look...the hair and accessories, argggh

Breath of fresh air is what I’ve opted to brand the BBA Amplified house. As much as the all girls may not be as pretty as a lot of the guys I chatted with thought, the reality is that most have gorgeous bodies to compliment their flaws. Hot legs, hot boobs, toned male bodies, pretty-boys and pretty boys, this house has it all.

Alex from Ghana rocking the Kwame Nkurumah look that not a lot of guys agreed with me that it was stylish

To add a cherry on top is the various celebrities that have been put into the house with the ‘real’ housemates. My little know-how tells me that the celebs were put in as a strategy to get the viewership of the show escalating, while the real housemates are the none-celebs, e.g., Zeus from Botswana would be the celeb mate while Miss P is the real housemate. Either way, this is one show I’ll be glued to for the next three months, to catch up with the funky pieces I’ve seeing adorned by the various mates.
From the Louis Vuitton sunglasses to the crazy hair styles or the outrageously ugly nose ring on Lotus!!! I share with you some that caught my eye!

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