I had a chat with one of South Africa’s greatest motswakolistas Khulani Morule, a.k.a Khuli Chana when he graced this country of ours to perform at the Grants night a few weeks back. Khuli took the industry by storm and for being the new kid, he is definitely receiving massive air play on the biggest music channels in Africa, Channel O and MTV Base. The guy has huge tracks under his belt including Tswak stick em, konka, freshe, just to mention a few and I tell you, we are still to receive more of those smooth rhymes. So I asked him about his fast moving career and of course how he felt about the youth of this country. Oh, and did I mention that I did the interview for the young people who would love to become international artist, so take note my people. So yah, this is what the brother man had to say to yours truly:

MOTSWAKO: Khulie Chana

First thing’s first, are you loving or hating Botswana?
First thing’s first, I love Botswana, I love Botswana man and I always look forward to coming here. I love Botswana period!

How do you feel about the coming together of this event?
When Botswana books you, they give the best hospitality there is, they put forward their professionalism skills and make sure that you do your best by making sure that you are comfortable. Doing a gig in Botswana is great, they make it easy, that’s why I like coming here.

Lovely performance, beautiful vibe and great energy. What do you think you have that makes people go wild when you perform?
Wow, ummm…I think it’s the… I think it’s the energy more than anything. The sound is always bad but I give the same energy regardless. My priority when performing is to give the people nothing but the best yea. But I’m not too happy with my performance because the fans told me that I only performed songs which have videos and neglected the others which have not been entirely commercialized. But at least something, this will definitely change.

Your latest offering is phenomenal. What inspired you to come up with the tracks on the album? Do you relate your tracks to experiences and emotions that you go through?
My lyrics come from experiences. I always try to make timeless music because I know this is how I am going to be remembered. I treat every single album like it’s my last and make it like it’s my first so I give it my all because I want to leave a mark. Morafe, HHP and the others always make sure that I make it happen.

Would you say HHP has had the most influence in your career?
I believe I am from the school of HHP. He has the most influence and has definitely influenced my personality and everything you could ever think of. He has taught me to always stay hungry and want more.

A lot of young people are aspiring to become artists, some look up to you. What advise can you give to them?
Something I picked from Jay-Z’s album, I think from the “Black Album”.
There’s a line in some song where he says that “Swagger is a liability”. Now if you want to go into this business to look good then I would suggest you erase the idea of being an artist from your mind because it ain’t happening. It’s about passion and not swagger. This is the mistake that most young people make, venture into music for the wrong reasons.

Do you feel artist go into music for the passion and talent that they have or is it just for the sake of making money because some of them just disappear into thin air after one or two hit tracks?
It’s more about the look, the money and being famous. But do bear in mind that music is a business, I treat what I do as business, and it’s a career you know. However if you get lost in the excitement of money and all, you might find yourself out of touch. This is easy come, easy go, so one needs to be serious about what they do. You always want to give the people what they want.

Judging from what you see here, what do you think about the youth behavior?
I think the concept of freedom has been misunderstood by the youth. They abuse the freedom that they have, especially the girls. You see I’m the only guy in my family and my little sisters have never disappointed me and I wish most girls if not all of them would be the same. I think the best that the youth can do is just to be themselves and respect their bodies and soul. I mean if you do not respect yourself, who will?

Any last words?
I’m going to have an exclusive performance right here in Botswana just for my fans. This will be from my pocket and strictly for my beautiful people of Botswana. It’s going to be either this month end or June and as it will not be a big event, it’s not going to be advertised on Yarona fm or anything like that. I just want it to be for the Khuli Chana fans because I owe them.

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