Treat your feet to Tasha T

45-year-old Ninie Sefhemo grew up in a household of designers and tailors, now she has launched her very own shoe line, ‘Tasha T’.

Sefhemo quit her formal job as a Technology Developer last December to pursue her passion. Seven months later she launched her new product to much acclaim.

“My mother was a tailor so I basically grew up in that kind of environment. But as any mother would have it, she did not want any of us to venture into her line of business,” the entrepreneur explained to Voice Entertainment.

Whilst Sefhemo plans to release a new range every fashion season, for now she has, through her online shop, launched two sneakers: the ‘Ankara’ purple and the ‘Shweshwe’ blue and white.

ON DISPLAY: Sneakers

“I have always been fascinated by shoes, I have more shoes than any other clothing item. When I thought of things to do after I retire it was always going be design,” she shared.

Made from innovative creations of exquisite leathers, African prints, beads, wood and recycled tyres, ‘Tasha T’ is designed to highlight and celebrate Africa.

“It’s a continent abound with natural resources and rich cultures,” noted the designer proudly.

ON DISPLAY: Sneakers

Speaking further on her shoe line and what inspires her design, Sefhemo said, “All of my designs have either African print or leather because through it I want to represent what we are as a people.

“I can tell you there is a lot of untapped talent here in Africa and I have no doubt in my mind that our designs are capable of competing in the international market with all these big brands!”

Speaking on the future, Sefhemo said, “We will be going on a country wide tour in form of pop up markets to bring the product closer to Batswana. We have noted Batswana appreciate what they see more that what they hear about. So, as from next month we will be going to Francistown, Phikwe, Maun, Jwaneng and Orapa.”

In addition to varying designs and colours, all shoes are fitted with leather trimmings and have innovative foam technology to ensure the utmost comfort and foot support.

For a pair of ‘Tasha T’ pumps, punters will have to part with P999.99.