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ON FIRE: Lezibo and Ringo

It really can’t get any worse than this in love! Imagine the love of your life suddenly turning out to be a married man of nine years when your life has revolved around him for a full five years! I mean what would you do if your dream of a perfect wedding at a well-manicured garden blows up in your face?

This is what happened to one poor smitten lady who wrote a moving story about his Mr.

Right in an attempt to win a wedding promotion by Tashy Royal Gardens.

Her hope turned into a nightmare when her Bae’s niece asked her to get her hands off her married uncle.

Ouch! The Facebook attack dog came down on the poor woman like a tonne of bricks.

Shaya sympathies with you dear sister, and to you uncle bae, the joke is on you.

Now your trashy and not so royal garments are hanging in public.