To join the protests or not to join, that is the question many people could be asking themselves following calls by the opposition to take to the streets starting this Friday.

The reason people could be pondering on this question is not because they are happy but simply because taking to the streets would not yield any positive results, instead someone might end up injured or in the worst case scenario end up in a mortuary.

While the majority of long suffering Zimbos support the cause, the sad reality is that the current administration, just like the previous one has no care whatsoever and don’t seem bothered by the plight of the people.

Zimbabwe is going through its worst economic crisis in ten years with shortages of basically everything, from bread, fuel and cash.

Old ghosts such as hyperinflation are also returning as prices of goods and services continue to go up.

It is for these reasons and more that the opposition with support from the trade unions has called for mass protests as a way of showing the Emmerson Mnangangwa led administration that people are fed up with the current situation.

But as already indicated, the regime doesn’t care hence they have indicated that they will react with brutality.

There is fear already amongst masses because in the last protests over fuel price hike, 12 people were killed while several others were injured as the army and the police used force on unarmed protesters.

And as some people are saying, it would be better to stay in indoors and be safe rather than risk one’s life by taking to the streets.

Yes we are suffering, yes we are struggling and yes we support this worthy cause but what is clear is that most of us are terrified of the regime because of what it has done during past protests.

Not to say the protests will not be a success but sentiments from some people is that staying in doors will be a better option.

What also saddens the most is that we seem to be trapped in this cycle of suffering with no light whatsoever at the end of the tunnel.

We suffered and struggled under former President Robert Mugabe and we are still suffering to this day even in a new administration even though it’s still the same old party.

All the hope that we had when Mugabe was removed from power has turned into mourning and as somebody said, only God knows if we will ever reach our Canaan.

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