Police, Bye Law, Registrar of Companies and health officers this week raided Trans World Food Distributors arrested company directors for selling expired goods.

The wholesale Directors, 47-year-old Besgali Ammar Rajab from India and 50-year-old Bhojani Hasnain Abdulragul from Tanzania were charged with improper labeling of goods.

It was also discovered that the the distributors’ trade license had expired and that they had hired foreigners who do not have any work permits.

Director of Crime Intelligence, Detective Nunu Lesetedi, confirmed that they closed the warehouse after they found workers busy wiping off the expiry dates of food stuff with methylated spirit and replacing them with valid dates.

He said the suspects were changing expiry dates on goods and it appears the intention was to sell them to shops or distributors.

“We went to investigate Trans World on Tuesday following allegations that they were selling expired goods. They were caught red handed changing expiry dates of food stuff such as rice, vanilla biscuits, sweets and chips. Rice was in big sacks and what was surprising was that they packaged it in plastics of different brands yet they were from the same sack. The officers removed expired good from the warehouse to dump them at the dumping site and shut it down as the investigations are continuing,” said Lesetedi.

He said they took some of the expired goods to the laboratory for tests to establish if it is safe for human consumption failure of which more charges will be added.

Lesetedi said this is a serious concern because the distributor supplies a lot of local shops and they do not know how long the illegal practice has been going on.

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How on earth has this been allowed to happen???
How has the owner being allowed to trade with an expired Licence???


This distributors should be shut down ASAP


AU , SADC Standards ?!


on one hand the “foreigners ” would probably want to do a honest day’s work rather than beg, steal or borrow. There is a probability also because the owners took advantage of them that by hiring those without permits they would be subject to slave wages and not complain (Modern slavery as it is known in some parts of the world) the foreigners are probably from countries where there are issues and they have no one to turn to (and this is where SADC should come in to work with refugees, migrants or work with organisations that assist these peopel… Read more »