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Gala is her name. Fashion is her game, and the sewing machine is her playground. We saw a screaming zing of life in these pieces of clothing and Gala being the creative mind.
Her creations show passion and dedication which have developed into a form of artistic expression. She is here and ready to “blaze” up Botswana fashion scene, with her colourful (Galaful) multi-seasonal blazers.
You can fl aunt these colourful, chic, modern and sophisticated range of blazers either in summer or winter and the good thing is that they are 100% Botswana designs.
Who said Batswana youth don’t have talent?
So whether you are going to the office dinner or formal event, there is a range to fit any personality, mood or occasion….
Wouldn’t you say?

  1. Gala herself opts for the tomboyish look, the aim is to do as you please, have fun. Slightly unisex look!
  2. This look masters an effect, a signature mix of elegant and relaxed. Smart casual, this one is defi nitely for a day out with the girls.
  3. Paired with a solid orange, a hot colour trend this year is the Ankara fabric inspired blazer. Doesn’t it just tell a beautiful African tale? Adding a belt and tucking in a dress shirt will spice up the look and make it appropriate for a business lunch or more formal event.
  4. For the fearless modern chic woman who is not afraid to rock the shorts as her formal wear. This black blazer with this hot red lining completes the look.
  5. This outfi t speaks for itself. Its colour, pattern, uniqueness all wrapped in one. This outfit is our favorite from the collection because its organized mix and miss fabric, with a modern touch.

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