THE LATE: Robert Mugabe

It is undeniable that history will remember the late former President Robert Mugabe as an influential figure in Zimbabwe and beyond.

But, if truth be told, his legacy is of a country left in economic turmoil with the majority of its citizens struggling to put food on their tables.

In the Shona language they say wafa wanaka, loosely meaning the dead are good and nothing bad should be said about them. But for Uncle Bob it’s difficult to turn a blind eye for the results of his deeds are bare for all to see.

The fact that he died in Singapore where he was seeking medical attention speaks volumes about how he viewed the health care system in his own country.

He was well aware that because of his policies, there is no heath care system to talk about.

Public hospitals have become a death trap as there are no basic drugs and medical sundries for use by nurses and doctors.

Word has it that his medical bill in Singapore runs into millions of dollars after spending days at Gleneagles Hospital, one of Asia’s best health care facilities, where he breathed his last.

That bill will of course be settled by the government, yet the very same government cannot buy basic pain-killers for our public hospitals!

He may have left office in 2017 and is now dead but the suffering he caused for millions of Zimbos is immeasurable.

No wonder when news broke that he was no more, many people, including myself, felt no sense of loss, no sympathy, nothing.

As a journalist his death was of course breaking news but as an ordinary Zimbabwean it meant nothing.

Life has to continue – a life of queuing for cash, for fuel and wondering what the future holds under this regime which is as merciless as its late grand master, the author of our misery.

Yes, he may have done other good deeds and put in place good policies in the early years of our independence but those are just a small fraction compared to the wrongs he did.

Just like Sunday Times wrote; Mugabe was a hero of Africa’s independence struggle but his rule of 37 years in Zimbabwe descended into tyranny, corruption and incompetence, leaving behind a legacy as one of Africa’s most notorious leaders.

So really for most of us, the man is gone and we can’t be bothered.

Those who are saying he was a hero through and through have their reasons and have a right to air their opinions.

This actually reminds me of how someone said: Africans love Mugabe for what he said; Zimbabweans hate Mugabe for what he did!

When he spoke and stood up against bullying especially by the West or ‘bloody white people’ as he once called them, most Africans cheered and will always love and remember him for that.

But for us, we shall never forget what he did.

He chose to remain in power at all costs even when inflation broke the world record of a billion percent and only 20 percent of the population was formally employed as most companies closed shop due to the harsh economic environment.

We became the poorest of billionaires in the world yet he maintained that he was the best thing to ever happen to Zimbabwe.

So, as the country prepares to hold the biggest ever funeral, seeing that he is a darling once again to his former comrades who are now showering him with praise despite kicking him out in 2017 and calling him all sorts of names, I will not say rest in peace Mugabe.

The least I can say is just goodbye.

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And now a mausoleum will be built costing USD1Million this is not the first dictator to have this done this happened to a Dictator in the Phillipines Ferdinand Marcos of the Phillipines (who was later embalmed) they were just lavish spenders( like this old man and his wife of 41 years his junior) and his people were suffering his Wife Imelda (had the same mentality of this Grace Mugabe) was known to own thousands pairs of Shoes


“A dictator is a leader who holds absolute authority and an extraordinary degree of personal power. They have the power to make laws, suspend elections, proclaim a state of emergency and repress political opponents without following any lawful procedures. The form of government with a dictator as the leader is known as dictatorship and there are no effective constitutional remedies to limit his power. Adolf Hitler, one of the most notorious dictators to have ever walked the earth was someone who is almost synonymous with the word. But there have been several others too who were as cruel, if not… Read more »


And this Disgrace Mugabe is already on record she is supposed to be in mourning and she is now complaining about gold panners on her farmOne really asks is she really in mourning because a person in mourning would not do this her husband is not a month gone?


A tragic Dictator who had -2 Coffins.-5 Funerals.-2 Burials. It now turns out he was not buried in the mausoleum which was being constructed by chinese contractors not even local contractors – what a charade because of the misunderstandings between the state his family and his final wishes .