Traffic accidents claim six lives over Presidential holidays
HEAD OF TRAFFIC: Katlholo Mosimanegape

Police have confirmed that six people died in road accidents over the Presidential holidays – the same number as last year.

In an interview with The Voice, head of traffic, Katholo Mosimanegape revealed each fatality occurred in a separate incident.

He further added that of the six deaths, only one took place on a ‘major road’.

“You see, we were in full force around the major roads because that is where we normally have problems.

“The majority of road users took responsibility in the way they were driving, especially along the major highways – I am referring to the A1, A2 A3, A10 and A12 just to mention a few,” Mosimanegape said, adding that although congestion was experienced along some of these roads, the police recorded a decrease in road traffic violations.

He further said that police had noticed more caution from drivers compared to previous years.

“Having been on the ground, I can say they were calm. We were flooded with heavy traffic and although we saw an increase in general road accidents standing at 202 as compared to 194 last year over the same same period, we noted a bit more precaution on the part of the drivers,” he said, noting that altogether 5, 565 road traffic violations were recorded, compared to 6, 035 last year.

Over-speeding tallied 1, 729 whilst 528 individuals were caught drink-driving and 472 were charged for driving without license.

According to Mosimanegape, of the 202 general road accidents reported, only 17 injuries were recorded as compared to 37 last year.

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