Tough cop suspended

Motorists in Molepolole are celebrating the suspension of traffic officer, Gera Morris, who was temporarily relieved of his duties recently.

The no nonsense police officer is notoriously known for his indiscriminate issuance of traffic fines to offending motorists regardless of the magnitude of the offence.

Although he confirmed that it has been over two months since the suspension was effected, Station Traffic Officer Superintendent Tuelo Komanyane, was reluctant to reveal the reasons behind the suspension.

“As a procedure if there is anything alleged about an officer an inquiry has to be done. So investigations are still ongoing concerning Inspector Morris and as soon as the police have finished their investigations and the station commander is satisfied with what he was looking for, Morris will resume duty. I hope and believe that very soon Morris will come back for duty,” Superintendent Komanyane said.

Of late, Morris’ suspension has been the talk of the village among both motorists and passengers as they expressed their relief.

“Since this man got transferred from Sojwe to Molepolole we have been in trouble. For us taxi drivers with blue number plates, it’s been even worse as he goes to extent of taking us to the police station without listening to any explanation,” said one taxi driver.

A driver of a Gaborone-Molepolole route mini-bus, Tiroyaone Regoeng, complained that Morris was uncooperative with the public and that their wish as drivers was that should he be allowed back at work, it would be better if he was transferred to another station.

According to fellow police officers, Morris who was responsible for petrol registration at Molepolole Police station, may have been suspended for fuel that had not been accounted for.

It is alleged that some of the fuel had not been recorded in the receipt book.

“Instead he preferred to record in a different book which he later claimed got lost. We suspect this is what led to his suspension,” revealed an officer who preferred anonymity.

When reached for a comment on his mobile phone, Morris declined to shed any light on his suspension.

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