Touch the screen and
Touch the screen and "shout I receive"

On a Saturday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at the bus rank in Gaborone when he overheard a conversation between some young men on Prophet Bushiri’s failed visit because of recently imposed visa requirements on him.

MAN IN A RED CAP: I’ve heard that some of Bushiri’s followers thronged the National Stadium in this cold weather. Some travelled from as far as Maun and Francistown apprarently.

MAN IN JEANS: Bushiri has not arrived. Bushiri is not coming.

If the Bushirians want him, they should follow him to Pretoria.

If they can’t, they should settle for touching their TV screens and shouting, “I receive” as they usually do. (laughter).

RED CAP: I guess all along, the government didn’t want Bushiri in the country so they decided to come up with the visa application story to keep him out, like they did Julius Malema.

MAN IN A WHITE T-SHIRT: When the government reduced operating hours for opening bars and introduced alcohol levy, the Christians celebrated.

Now, let them taste a dose of their own medicine.

MAN IN JEANS: The government did a good thing by not allowing him entry into the country.

Many people are lazy to work, but we expect fake prophets to give us miracle money.

To me, that miracle incident of his was nothing, but pure fraud.

WHITE T-SHIRT: If his followers could hear you say this, they’d hate crucify you.

MAN IN JEANS: I don’t care. The truth always hurts.

I believe the reason we’ve so many mental patients in Sabrana hospital, is that because that guy and his ilk have confused people to the point of madness with anointing oil and water.

WHITE T-SHIRT: We’re on the same page. I always ask myself why people believe anointing oil and water can protect them.

If it works, why the guy needs escort and bodyguards if he is a true man of God? Why cant he just pray to God and trust Him for miracle protection?

The conversation changes as another young man arrives, and they start to talk about Township Rollers victory in Premier

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