This is a cup and we have to play like our whole lives depend on it.

We really want especially as it looks like the league race is over; so focus should shift to the cup. Personally I love winning trophies so this is yet another opportunity to add to my medals.

I have been training for a couple of weeks now and the defenders are hitting me hard.

I am not sure if they are preparing me for the return or what. I feel I’m ready for a competitive game; if the coach selects me over the weekend surely I will perform.

The doctor still believes I’m eight months away from returning. This has left me in a dilemma because I am an athlete. Even when I broke my in the past I didn’t stay out that long. The thing is they are not sports doctors so they can’t understand the emotional pain. I really miss playing football and banging in goals.

I am glad that my teammate Mara Moloi has scored 20 goals, this is two less than mine.

Mara Moloi

I am happy that he is not from another team. If he was from the opposition I will be a bit worried but now I can safely say the golden boot will go to a Chiefs player.


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