Batshu calls on the region to unite against crime

Acting Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Edwin Batshu says collective measures are the way to go in finding solutions to all kinds of challenges facing the world today.

Officially opening the 21st Interpol African Regional Conference at the Gaborone International Conference Centre Batshu told his audience:

“It is in this spirit that Botswana is a member of the United Nations,the African Union, Southern African Development and is in partnership with international institutions such as Interpol so as to bring about world peace and tranquillity”.

Incidentally Interpol is the world’s largest international police organisation which links countries worldwide to prevent and fight crime.

Expressing confidence that Interpol will strengthen its processes and systems to ensure that fugitive criminals are arrested and brought before the courts the former Botswana Police Commissioner said: “I am pretty certain you will make it difficult for human traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists to disturb the peace and tranquillity that we all desire”.

He also called on Interpol members to recommit themselves to speed criminal detection and apprehension.

Another speaker at the ceremony Interpol President Khoo Boon Hui of Singapore cautioned that the world should, whilst enjoying the benefits of globalization and economic growth brace itself for the dark side of things they bring.

“While it is true that globalization spurs economic development it has also opened opportunities for highly sophisticated organised criminal syndicates to a web of lucrative activities. Better intergration and enhanced cooperation beyond our respective borders are vital to an effective campaign against modern international crimes. We can no longer ignore the need to transcend from national to international policing” Hui said.

Hui added that Interpol members need to fight crime for the sake of their families, societies and themselves.

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