To dump him or not?
To dump him or not?

Single women discuss cheating men

On Friday at lunchtime, Voice cartoonist was in Hungry Lion fast food restaurant at Moremogolo Shopping Mall in Mogoditshane when he heard a conversation about cheating boyfriends.

LADY IN JEANS: It can be quite an embarrassment to make a surprise visit to a boyfriend, only to find him with another girlfriend.

LADY IN BRAIDED HAIR: I never used to call first before visiting my boyfriend but on several occasions, I have found used condoms under the bed when I cleaned his house.

These days I always call before I visit to give him to tidy up his mess.

LADY IN JEANS: A relationship is all about trust and respect.

If I want to visit my boyfriend anytime I should be free to do so without worrying about calling.

If he’s able to come to my place at anytime he wishes, then why should I have to make an application to visit him?

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: The best way for you to check if you can trust him is , ask him for the keys to his house.

That trick worked for me because he now knows Ican rock up any time and let myself in.

LADY IN BRAIDED HAIR: Having a spare key to his house is not going to stop him from lying to you that he is going on an emergency trip so he can leave you sleeping at his house while he visit someone else.

Eventually, you’d give up because you won’t find the reason to spend time alone at someone’s place while he’s on a ‘trip.’

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: That’s where we lose it. Instead of giving up, go to his place to check what he’s up to.

Several times, I caught my boyfriend with different girls. One of his girls tried to fight me, but I convinced her there was no need for that and we ended up solving our differences amicably.

The three of us were able to share the same bed together that night. (laughter).

LADY IN JEANS: Oh, that wouldn’t fly with me. Once I catch my boyfriend with another lady, that’s the end of that relationship.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: To me that’s a sign of cowardice. What if you meet a new guy and the same thing occurs to your relationship over and over again?

How many men would you have slept with and dumped by the time you get old? Think about it!

The conversation ends as the ladies stand from the table to leave, after they finished their meal.

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