Tlhasana's love triangle exposed
CAUGHT: Thobo Tlhasana

• Former newsreader shoots video burning side chik’s clothes

• Woman demands P 2 000 compensation

Ministry of Youth Empowerment Sports and Culture Development, Public Relations officer and former BTV newsreader Thobo Tlhasana escaped jail by a whisker last Wednesday .

Tlhasana was reported to the Broadhurst Police by his alleged side chick, Rebecca Keitshokile for abuse.

The visibly shaken Keitshokile (26) had sought Police intervention after Tlhasana had sent her videos of himself burning some of the clothes she had left at his house. Information gathered by The Voice has indicated that the two were in a love relationship until Tlhasana’s baby mother and girlfriend caught them.

SHAKEN: Rebecca Keitshokile

According to an insider, Tlhasana, also known as Vivante was busted, he had been cheating on his baby mother with Keitshokile for close to a year.

“She left some of her clothes at his house. I mean it is normal, that is what people who are in a relationship do. I guess his baby mama found out and something must have happened because they shot a video of Tlhasana burning her clothes and sent it to her,” said an insider close to the couple.

Reached for a comment, Tlhasana confirmed the incident but claimed that it was a prank horribly gone wrong and offered to apologise and pay Keitshokile the P2000 damages she had claimed from him.

“To be honest this has just all gone terribly wrong. That was a staged video and it was not real. She has taken all her clothes that she had left with me,” Tlhasana said.

He further confirmed that the matter was settled amicably before the police.

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