As a basketball player, you know the objective of any game is to win. Having a team that works synergistically to accomplish that goal is a successful one. Making your team more successful starts with implementing the tips outlined below. 

The first tip we have for you to make your team more successful on the court is to be unselfish and recognize other player’s strengths. Every person brings their own skills to the game and when those skills complement each other, they can create a winning team. It’s important to be unselfish and give credit where it is due. You may be good at layups while another team member may be good at free throws. Think about your team as a puzzle and fit the pieces together. If the defense isn’t putting pressure near the free throw line, then give the player that’s great at free throws the chance to score. 

The next tip we have for you is to clearly state and share a common goal. Different people strive towards different things. When you’re only focused on getting better as a player and not working with your teammates to help them succeed as well, you’re not going to have a very successful team. You should take some time throughout the season and identify a common goal that all players freely agree to work towards. This goal should be reviewed on a consistent basis in order to ensure that it stays fresh in everyone’s mind. 

Communication is key to the successful operation of any team, regardless of sport. Players need to be able to freely communicate with each other in a positive light. Make an agreement to only provide constructive feedback with a positive undertone to other players. People are more receptive to feedback when it’s given a positive undertone. Work on complementing each other often to ensure self-confidence in each other. If there are communication barriers amongst members of your team, you need to assist them in breaking those barriers down. Lack of communication leads to poor performance on the court. 

Another important tip for all those players aspiring to be on a highly successful basketball team is to institute off-the-court gatherings. Whether it’s simply being at another person’s home or doing a fun activity like a charity run, bringing the team together to share in other social gatherings than basketball can do wonders for establishing interconnectedness. While it may be difficult to get all the team members together for these outside events often, there are always small objectives you can work on. For example, you can visit and print out some March Madness brackets. Have all your team members fill one out and enjoy the process of watching how you each fair. 

Building up a successful basketball team requires more than just ingraining common drills into players. It requires a deep understanding of connectedness both on and off the court. Team members should implement all the tips above to ensure they are able to create a highly successful team.