Young man turns failure into success in construction industry

After failing to progress to senior secondary school in 1996, Themba Mbaki Tshekiso did not give up on life.

Instead, the industrious young man decided to start right from the bottom and work his way up to create a decent life for himself.

“I started as a labourer at Murray & Roberts, a job I diligently did for sometime before I applied and got admitted at Madirelo Vocational Centre,” said the 35- year-old Managing Director of TMT Tiling, a company that currently employs five young Batswana.

After excelling at the vocational training with the L&I claims management, Tshekiso enrolled at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology to study Interior Design from 2008 to 2010.

His experience, coupled with his qualifications made it easier for Tshekiso to get jobs from individuals after graduation.

His workmanship and his track record led to word of mouth referrals to big companies, which catapulted him from a one-man gig to an employer.

“I have been getting tenders from government and private companies not only in Gaborone but even as far as Gantsi and Tsabong. I do a variety of designs such as square and diamond using different types of tiles such as porcelain, ceramic, marble,” he said

Tshekiso however told of how their efforts to provide quality services to their clients, they still go through challenges, especially when it comes to distinguishing themselves from untrained and unprofessional amateurs flooding the market.

“Conmen are spoiling our industry. People no longer know who is professional and who is not. The quest for “cheap labour’ is killing the construction industry,” lamented the businessman whose long-term vision is to see his company competing with big and established entities.

“Currently I think I am the best in the tile industry and it is just a matter of time before the whole country takes notice,” Tshekiso said in conclusion.

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