Thutlwe rules

As he getS another chance

In 2014, at the tender age of 30, Kagiso Thutlwe became the youngest mayor of the capital city, Gaborone.

This week, Thutlwe once again won the mayoral elections. Soon after his victory, the youthful and energetic Thutlwe had an interview with Voice reporter Sharon Mathala about his vision, challenges as well as some of the scandals his name has been embroiled in ever since he took the hot seat.

Q. Afternoon, Congratulations on retaining your seat Sir.

Thutlwe: Thank you very much, it was not an easy road but I thank God.

Q. Were you confident that you would retain the seat?

Thutlwe: I was, I was confident because my team from the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) never doubted me and has shown trust in my leadership.

So yes for that I was quite confident the seat was in the bag.

Q. Still on the just ended mayoral election, there are talks doing rounds that the party, UDC, wants to take ‘action’ against your opponent, Rhoda Sekgorororwane for defying the party’s wishes to have you unopposed, is there any truth in this?

Thutlwe: I believe it is upon the leadership of the UDC to deal with whosoever defies caucus; so I believe the party leadership can best deliver the answer. There is standing resolutions on defying the caucus and punitive disciplinary measures are there for every member.

Q. What are some of the challenges you faced in your last term as mayor?

Thutlwe : Challenges are there and one elephant that we have long raised can sum them all.

That issue at hand is centralization of executive powers at local government.

If legislation can address that, then a lot of myriad challenges can be addressed.

Q. What are some of the key points you will focus on, during the current term?

Thutlwe: Building of a new chamber for Gaborone City council.

I also intend to enhance the investment and commercial arm of the council.

Q. During his latest visit to Botswana, Former US President George W. Bush was intrigued that the city had such a young mayor, share with our readers about this and what conversations did you have with him?

Thutlwe : I asked him about crimes of humanity that his administration has committed and sponsored around the world.

Q. And what was his response?

Thutlwe: He just brushed it off by mentioning that it’s in the best interest of global citizens as they counter terrorism.

Q. You have been in the past ‘crucified’ for your alleged affiliation with the ruling party BDP, what is your stand on this?

Thutlwe: It is just malicious damage peddled by my detractors.

I remain unfazed by street gossip and petty talk; my commitment to the BNF and UDC at large is beyond measure.

Q. But what do you think could have lead to the spread of the said allegations about your relationship with the BDP?

Thutlwe: Like I said I believe it is those who wanted and harbored intentions of the political city leadership.

They are the ones behind this malicious damage.

Q. Have you considered contesting for any parliamentary seat?

Thutlwe : I am a servant of the masses out there. They have deployed me as their councilor and if they communicate otherwise I will comply. I have not harboured any ambitions to contest for parliament at a personal level.

Q. What’s your position on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that some Batswana, have rejected.

Thutlwe: I fully concur with the majority of our people who have relayed their displeasure and rejection towards this evil thing.

EVM is another and last dice of the ruling BDP in trying to steal 2019 election.

Regime change is pregnant and Batswana have rejected the EVM.

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