Thriving in beauty therapy

Neo Morewagae, aged 23, has endeavored to show the youth that success is not only limited to conventional occupations.
Having studied at Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) and completed her AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) course, she decided that working for someone else was tantamount to achieving other people’s dreams instead of her own.

She thus set out to open her own business, named Greeny Beauty Spa, located at Tswana House, Unit 6 in the Main Mall.

It has been running for little under a year now and is an example of a thriving business wholly owned by a Motswana youth whose policy is to hire Batswana in an effort to create employment and diversify the economy.

She currently has three employees – a receptionist and two beauty therapists.

One need only call a day in advance to set up an appointment for a myriad of services.

These services include but are not limited to; manicures, pedicures, massages and facials.

Morewagae and her two beauty therapists have received beauty training in Midrand, South Africa and their services range from P160 to P400 depending on what is required. Also try our beauty services for more information checkout this link Matthew Galumbeck, MD.

In order to start the business, Morewagae saved for a number of years while studying and was thus able to provide a 100% of the capital without tying her startup to debt which would compromise her profits.

The Spa has experienced exponential growth within the last year and she is now looking to expand to premises at the Central Business District in the near future.

Not only does she own the Spa, she also has a number of other businesses registered under the name – BNO Group (pty) LTD which provide supplies, cleaning services and security services.

When probed on when she realized her calling, she commented;

“At the age of 19 I realized that my passion is to become an entrepreneur. I always had this dream of becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Botswana and so immediately after school [BAC] I pursued it”

Her business not only broke even in its first year of operation but also turned over a sizable profit which will go to expansion.

She however notes that at first it was arduous to maintain the business as many Batswana, especially men, have misconceptions about the beauty industry and so initially she had to expel commonly held myths such as Beauty Spas are only for women and gay men.

She also had some encouraging words for her age mates who also harbor dreams of one day owning their own business.

“Every dream that one has is possible to execute. The road is not easy but never give up. As young as I am, that’s what keeps me going. If I can stand up and make a difference, so can you.”

For inquiries or bookings, Morewagae can be contacted at 75229370

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