GOOD SAMARITAN: Thomas Chabalala
GOOD SAMARITAN: Thomas Chabalala

Three Batswana who were detained in Zimbabwe for crossing the border illegally while following thieves have been released.

64-year-old Stanford Matopote, Albert Macha, 51, and Thokozani Ncube, 28, all from Kgari Village along the border in the North East District were detained by Zimbabwe police and released after paying a fine of P3000 for entering the country through an ungazetted area.

The two elderly men and a youth had become fed up of criminals stealing from the village and crossing into Zimbabwe.

They decided to track a thief who stole a bicycle into Zimbabwe.

It has emerged that the bicycle belonged to Matopote’s employer, Thomas Chabalala who later bailed them out from custody.

Speaking to The Voice after their release Chabalala said; “It was my sports bike which was stolen.

And my night watchman took it upon himself to track the thives and ended up in Zim where they were arrested and detained for four days,” he said.

A school teacher who commented bust asked for his name not to be revealed said The “Residents here are of the belief that the police are not doing enough to protect them from these thugs hence the drastic action to track them.”

Superintended Dimpho Mothibedi of Tshesebe Police Station confirmed the incident.

He warned villagers along the border against illegally crossing into Zimbabwe under whatever circumstances.

Mothibedi said villagers should report housebreaking, burglary and stealing to the police instead of taking the law into their own hands.


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