Three men aged between 23 and 41 were arrested and detained by the Gaborone west Police after a police shoot out around 4pm yesterday.

The Voice however can confirm that there were no casualties during the shootout.

Amid dramatic scenes four plain clothes police officers tailed and nailed three men by the Total filling Station in G/west.

When The Voice team arrived at the scene, scores of onlookers were beginning to disperse from the area.

One of the eye witnesses who had with him some of the shell casings from the shootout narrated the ordeal.

He said that the men driving a South African registered van had parked by the filling station after they poured petrol of about P40.

“As soon they tried to leave the area, a man (police officer) from a car which had also parked adjacent to theirs pounced on them and pointed a gun at the men. He fired two warning shots in the air, then began to shoot at the van about eight times before the men managed to drive off heading the direction of the police station.”

Botswana Police spokesperson, Dipheko Motube, confirmed the incident.

He said that they managed to arrest the three men but they have not yet been charged. “We found them in possession of something which we believe may be habit forming drugs and the substance has been taken to the forensic lab for further testing,” Motube confirmed.