SPEAKS: Aubrey Lesaso

I lost because of the Khama factor- LESASO

Parliamentary candidate for Shoshong, Aubrey Lesaso is throwing in the dice for the third time having lost in 2009 and 2014 to Botswana Democratic Party’s candidate, Dikgang Makgalemele.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA visited the Umbrella for Democratic Change’s candidate at his office in Block where he opens up about his future plans for Shoshong constituency and the reasons why he has been losing elections.

You will be contesting for the third time against the same person, how do you fancy your chances?

I am going to win this time without a doubt because the BDP has failed to deliver its promises.

Having waited for a Rural Administration Centre like other places such as Masunga, President Mokgweetsi Masisi announced at a kgotla meeting that they were going to build a Rural Service Centre and you wonder why us.

We don’t have a hospital in Shoshong while Mahalapye has two.

Shoshong does not have a senior school and our kids go as far as Ramokgonami and government is not helping in transporting them during opening and closing of schools.

This puts a financial strain on parents because majority of them are not working. All these show that there has been an absent representative for the past ten years.

Why did people vote for him then if he failed as you say?

Former President Ian Khama’s influence played a major role in the election of Makgalemele. Khama would come to Shoshong with only three days left before elections and people would listen to him and defect to the BDP. He is a paramount chief for Bangwato and people in the area do listen to him.

The other thing I noticed apart from the Khama factor is that people in my area like to give a person a chance to prove himself even if he fails to deliver. The trend we have is to give someone two terms.

So given the effect of the Khama factor, have you approached him to help since he has declared that he will be helping especially those from the UDC?

No, we haven’t discussed anything.

You are talking of bringing developments to your area, where will you get funds looking at the fact that the current government is always complaining of budget deficits?

Constituencies are given P10m each year and with seven wards; I doubt building maternity wards in all the villages around would be a problem.

It is only that people are not applying themselves same as a boarding facility you have to start somewhere with a small block.

Schools are dilapidated, ceilings are falling and teachers and ancillary staff are forced to drive more than 100 km to photocopy and fax documents.

I recently donated a copier because to the current MP it is just a normal situation.

If you lose again this time, would you try again?

No, I will pave way for a different person to carry on but I am certain that this time I am going to parliament together with other 32 candidates under the Umbrella.

Why are you so sure?

I have done my groundwork and currently I have between 65-75% chances of winning.

We are going to win all the seven wards. I have made people to be aware of the type of person we have been sending.

Masisi’s meeting failed to address our issues. An MP must have his constituency development plan to submit to the National Development Plan and it should be the basis of your argument all the time.

He must be proactive and point out what he did submit. The way we do things at the UDC is totally different from the BDP. BDP is all about talk and talk without delivery and it depresses people.

If you your party wins, which Ministry would you prefer?

If our president chooses me to be a Minister, I would prefer being a Minister for Infrastructure and Housing Development because I am a civil engineer and infrastructure developer.

The other option will be Water, Sanitation and Land. I worked for 22 years developing rural water development supply.

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