Voice reporter Portia Ngwako went to cover the premier league game between BDF X1 and Orapa United over the weekend at the Sir Seretse Khama Barracks (SSKB) grounds.

Before the kick off, the reporter sat with some of the supporters and eavesdropped on their conversation.

They spoke of how men lie about their marital status and this is how the conversation went.

Supporter 1: This guy is married and he never wears a ring. I do not know why.

Supporter 2: Some people are amazing. You will find that his wife wears it at all times.

Supporter 3: Don’t you know that it will be difficult to find a secret lover if you declare your marital status.

Supporter 4: That’s childish. Bonyatsi gabo hele (cheating does not end).

If someone loves you, she will be with you in-spite of your marital status.

Supporter 3: It comes from far. That is why we have brothers and sisters from other mothers and our mothers knew about it.

Supporter 2: We are living in the Generation X my man. Wives today sue for marriage wrecking.

Again we have a problem of STIs. These are the people who always have conflicts with their wives because the girlfriend will phone during the night and the wife will be angry.

Supporter 3: Eish! That time when you receive uncomfortable calls. A man should have more than one simcard, the other one you communicate with girlfriends and your wife should not know about it.

Supporter 4: You simply tell the girlfriend that there are no strings attached and you are married. It is just an open relationship.

Supporter 1: Snacks (secret girlfriend) are difficult sometimes. A friend of mine was in trouble recently in Molepolole.

He went there with a girlfriend and when that guy greeted girls she displayed jealousy and yet she knows he is married.

(People laughed…)

Supporter 2: Hahahahahaaa! You call them names. That’s unfair.

I wonder if you would like it if a married man does the same to your sister.

Supporter 4: My friend once lost his ring at Area L club because he decided to remove it and put it in his pocket.

Supporter 3: And what did he do? How did he go home?

Supporter 4: He borrowed a ring from a friend since they were similar and that guy’s wife was not in Francistown.

Supporter 1: Uhu! (Surprised) Men do things. How is that possible?

Supporter 3: If that guy was a Christian, he would have not done that.

Pastors bless rings before marriage and if you lend it to someone, it becomes a problem.

That is the reason why some marriages do not work out.

Teams walk into the pitch to start the game and the conversation stops as they shift their focus to the game.

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