NOT AMUSED: Former President, Ian Khama

In an interesting turn of events, Gaborone Town Clerk, Lebuile Israel, has parried away suggestions that the move to close the Tsholofelo Community Hall ahead of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) meeting was politically motivated.

The Town Clerk told The Voice Online this morning that the reason they locked the Community Hall where the much anticipated BPF Inaugural meeting was set to be held was because the conveners did not tell him the truth when they booked the hall.

Israel said that initially when the conveners made a request to use the facility they said it was going to be a family gathering and not a political gathering.

“The problem is they did not divulge the true reasons for the meeting. They said it was going to be a family gathering, only last night I got a call and the truth came out that it was in fact a political gathering,” said the Town Clerk.

Asked if he was instructed to block the meeting because of former President Ian Khama’s involvement as alleged, Israel said: “I am responsible for the safety of those buildings. I need to know the nature of the gathering so as to asses if there is need to engage other government departments like security and or the Police. So when I was told of the nature of the gathering I had to make a decision and I stand by it. But no I did not get any instruction.”

The BPF meeting however continued at an alternative venue at the Maharaj Conference centre.