Leading innovation expert, Pravin Rajpal, has blamed lack of innovation and creativity on the academic system which he says is just focused on teaching people to just memorize.

Rajpal, the world’s leading innovation and leadership expert said this on Wednesday this week during the Career Elevation Summit organized by Progressive Institute and Institute of Development Management (IDM).

Rajpal says the human brain is the most powerful tool in a human’s body, comparing it to a machine of creativity and design.

However, his concern is that the way things are done is that a practice of memorization is being developed, resulting in a lack of solutions to the existing problems.

Rajpal, the founder of Innovation Next and World Innovation Network, blames the education system for this memorizing practice.

“We do not have solutions; today innovation needs arts, commerce, and science,” Rajpal told delegates at the summit, adding that the reason why the industry is suffering is because the academy is producing only memorizers.

According to Rajpal, the world needs game changers as the future is all about entrepreneurship.

His main concern is that there is a bankruptcy of ideas in today’s world. “Great innovators come with game-changing solutions in the middle of problems.”

He believes if this type of generation can be created, then the much-needed jobs will follow. “Innovation is not about starting from scratch, it is all about starting from the end.”

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