The worries of women
The worries of women


On Saturday morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole was in Main Mall in Gaborone.

As he sat on a bench opposite Botswana Book Centre, he overheard an intriguing conversation between three men, on women and their insecurities.

MAN IN NAVY-BLUE TROUSERS: I don’t understand why you’d tell your woman you’re having an important conversation with your uncle at his house.

Why didn’t you just tell her the truth about where you really are?

MAN IN WHITE GOLF T-SHIRT: Ladies can be difficult when you try to tell them the truth.

Sometimes it’s okay to lie to them in order to have stability in your relationship.

MAN IN SPECTACLES: I agree with you. Most ladies prefer partners that lie to them.

If you don’t lie, you’re more likely to be dumped along the way.

MAN IN WHITE GOLF T-SHIRT: A lady is like a dog. If you feed your dog at 8 o’clock every morning, it will get used to that and come to expect it.

Similarly, when your woman gets used to spending every weekend with you, she will come to expect it.

The moment you don’t do that, she’ll start accusing you of seeing another woman.

MAN IN NAVY-BLUE TROUSERS: Well in your case, she’d be right! (laughter)

MAN IN SPECTACLES: It’s true, you’re like a dog on heat when it comes to finding females! (more laughter)

MAN IN WHITE GOLF T-SHIRT: What can I say, the ladies love me and can’t resist my charm!

MAN IN SPECTACLES: You’re right though – if you tell her the truth, that you’re just having fun with friends, you’d be digging yourself a grave.

She’d find a reason to blame your friends for finding you girlfriends.

MAN IN WHITE GOLF T-SHIRT: Again, if you were to spend 24 hours and 7 days a week watching a woman in the eye, you’d soon be quarrelling with her about food. (laughter)

The conversation ends as the men leave.

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