February is my birth month and also the month of love as we know. I have been comparing successful women in the corporate world to those who are self employed, entrepreneurs or politicians. I have since realised that these two breeds of women are different in every form, literally. It primarily boils down to body weight, beauty, money and love. These are the four critical assets any woman can ever have.  As far as I am concerned, these are the also the greatest weapons any woman can have against her own species in the event that she is challenged to use them.

Measuring weight for success

It is my opinion that the more money you have, the higher your chances of losing your femininity. Equally, the bigger you are, the less likely you are to end up in a position of power and or influence in the corporate world. This is just an observation that struck me as I prepared for valentines! Money and Power has a profound effect on how a woman progresses in career and love.
In most cases the ‘bigger’ you are, the higher the chances of being self employed. Most ‘big’ women have successful businesses and dominate the retail sector particularly hospitality. These women are also likely to be housewives.  They also find love easily and quickly in their young age. In the corporate world however, the opposite is true as these women find themselves not pulling their weight up the ladder. Unless of course as senior managers particularly in people orientated departments. In other words the chances of finding a ‘big bodied’ auditor or accountant are almost minimal, but you can find them in human resources or a politicians. This is very interesting. On the other hand however, successful women up the ladder are skewed towards strategic management disciplines and come out strong in all men dominated areas. They also tend to be of a smaller frame and or petite body structure. Unfortunately, most of them take long to find love and chances of being a housewife are almost nonexistent.

Let me just put it bluntly, if you are planning on becoming a highly successful corporate leader you cannot afford to be fat. Actually, what I really want to say is, you cannot have big breasts and a big behind. Those are not qualities of a female leader and I am tempted to believe that god planned it that way from the beginning of time. Power and the level of responsibility that comes with these posts will strip you of any ‘African booty’. You simply will not have time pull that weight with your hectic schedule.
However, if your line is that of a business woman, then yes you can afford a bit of weight. In actual fact if you have a lower position having these ‘African booty’ might just come in handy if your education background becomes a stumbling block for promotion. However, this can only take you as far as the ‘supervisory’ promotion and nothing more.
I believe that the ‘African booty’ makes women irrelevant in positions of power and influence because people draw attention to ‘it’ and find it hard to take you seriously. I also believe that weight   and the ‘booty’ has a direct negative correlation to the boardroom. Women with such packages are normally found at the reception area and generally outside the boardroom. I am very very worried for myself.

Lately I notice that I am gaining a lot of weight and this means I have to seriously reconsider my career plan all over again. At this rate, its either I remain employed and accept that I will not move up the ladder or quit so as start up a business or join politics.

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