Concerned citizens will today (Friday, Septenber 4th, ) converge at Kwena Spar in Mogoditshane for a peaceful march to the Office of the President (OP) in protest about the water crisis engulfing the southern part of the country.

The march is organised by Umbrella for Democratic Party (UDC) which took the initiative to seek answers from OP after Gaborone and its periphery villages experienced acute water rationing for months.

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) and the Ministry of Minerals Energy and Water Resources (MMERWA) have maintained that poor rainfalls were to blame for the water and power crisis, but UDC hope that through the march they could get President Ian Khama to divulge govt strategy to alleviate water and power shortage.

UDC Deputy President, Ndaba Gaolathe issued a statement confirming the planned march which is expected to be joined by party president, Duma Boko, UDC MPS, Councillors, Church leaders, School Children, Dikgosi and civil society.

Gaolathe says in the statement, “we need to do this, not to embarrass anyone, but to demonstrate to those who come after us that we are responsible citizens who understand that leaders need to be held accountable. We need to spread the gospel that our country can do better, much better than it is doing. We need to prod and nudge government with alternative ideas in hand, as petition that there is a way out of this situation, not just now but in years to come.”

Ndaba further said there is need to amplify the voices of the people, so they too know that they can be heard.

“Our people need to know that there are people out there who care for them, there are people out there who sing their songs. There are people out there who dance to their tunes. This is our service to our people. You don’t have to agree with us, but you have to believe that we sure do believe in something – we believe in the magnificent potential of our people and what we can all become as a nation: a great nation,” he said.

BDP Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane however says the march will not change the current situation of water and electricity.

“UDC is pulling a publicity stunt, the water and electricity situation is affecting every citizen of this country. It does not choose if you are minister or school kid. We are trying to come up with solutions, the crisis has engulfed the entire SADC region. Our people from BDP will not take part in that march because it is partisan. It is a UDC thing that is why they did not extant an invite to BDP or even BCP.”

In conclusion Ntuane urged Batswana to be patient with the government because government was trying its best to rectify the situation.

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Ntuane o sule a ntse a tshela


Back to reality! This is what makes us come down to earth that we are just an African country after all, despite our delusions of being a "developed" African country. POOR PLANNING, LACK OF VISION AND , BEING TOO CONTENTED WITH BEING BETTER THAN OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES. we don’t want to develop our country higher than it is as long as it better than other African countries! can investors come in such a country! Having lived in Australia for twenty years now, and naturalised, i always tell people here in Australia that they should not take for granted the good… Read more »

Albert Ramathele

Gore pula ga eyo is a real lay man excuse not an executive excuse. After ruling the country for such along time. I think we support arrogantly not intelligently, lets not be a hopeless nation. Lets not give helpless excuses.