A waiter or waitress is a very crucial member of your staff. I simply do not understand why business owners take the recruitment of these staff for granted .Its really a shame to see how we tend to believe that you just need anyone who can take down orders, speaks a bit of English and can stand for hours. The job description is never clear. But most importantly because the waiters find themselves in the corner, they start making their own rules and policies in your establishment.
For example because you have not specified that all customers are equal despite differences in colour or gender. One of the few things that will make you realise that you failed your business is when your waiter believe that customers are a bother. They complain when it’s busy and don’t realise that ‘busy’ means more money for everyone. They will also start believing that black people are not good at paying gratuity or tipping.
Unfortunately for blek people who come to your business they will be neglected and treated like beggars. Ironically, the bleks will not tip because they are treated like second class citizens in their own country. Therefore, your waiters’ either ignore or give them bad service, the bleks in turn do not tip.  you end up loosing on opportunities for repeat business and  start believing that  your  country folk have a  pull him/her down syndrome because  they  do not support you.
The problem is not the PHD syndrome it is your waiters. In retrospect you are to blame for all this mess because you did not recruit and train properly. There are some positions in your business that you should not compromise on. If you are a business person, the life of your business depends on the people who are on the ground whilst you are out trying to secure the next tender. Therefore, it is crucial that you find the right fit and profile to match your business and clientele needs.
Most importantly do not leave your business at the messy of other people. Whatever you do, you cannot start blaming other parties when you have the ultimate power to change the situation. Look carefully into the people you entrust to take care of  your business. It all starts with the first person people encounter when they come into your  organisation or business.
Who  is that person  ? Does he /she represent you and what your business stands for? Does he/she treat customers with courtesy? Does  he/she at least try?

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Chris M

Absolutely brilliant! All business people should read this! It’s basic requirement of any business adventure to have topnotch customer service and relations! It should assume nothing else about any customer coming through the door and treat them all as if they were the last one left in the world! Those ‘bleks’ should never be treated in a ‘bleksem’ way for you will need them at all times along with their family and friends! You will see none of them if you treat them in a ‘bleksem’ manner just because they are ‘blek’! Cool article! By the way, ‘blek’ must mean… Read more »